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During my last eight months at this gym, I've purchased two personal training packages. With each package, the trainer gave me additional "free" sessions to entice me. The first two trainers ended up quitting the job and my case was handed over to a senior trainer Francis Xavier Matsom. Upon our first meeting, I requested him to find out exactly how many sessions I've had left including the "free" ones given by the previous trainer. He wasn't sure at the time and promised to text me to let me know and schedule a first appointment. He never texted or called for the next ten days. I went back to the gym again to ask him. "um I'm still not sure... I don't think you have any free ones left." When I further probed him why I had none, he wasn't sure. I knew for sure I had the free ones left. But the gym kept no record of it, the new trainer didn't even bother to ask the previous trainer as well. Nothing! They try so hard to sell you a package and once you buy, don't give a c***. It eventually got to a point where he couldn't answer my questions and he seemed very angry. "SO WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT ME TO DO??" The guy yelled out loud. Upset and totally shocked at his attitude, I replied "this is [censored] ###". And that's when he lost his temper and went totally wild. He paced around the gym floor so angry, violently waving his finger right in front of my face and swearing all kinds. Eventually threatening that "I will never let you walk out here alive", "I'm going to kill you" then came the racism, saying how foreigners should be kicked out of the country. This went on for about three to four minutes. Looking back, I feel bad for saying [censored]ing ### but does that justify the tantrum and verbal abuse he threw at me? Absolutely not. This man cannot control his temper... after all the previous trainer always complained about him. Be careful guys and girls.

May 5, 2014

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