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I am here to see if there have been complaints against this company because I had a gut feeling. I do owe the money and TRS is offering me 50 percent off. Neither amount is large but I had been out of work for almost 3 years due to illness and waiting to see if I would be approved for my disability benefits. Now that I have money I am up for paying those things off. They give me an option to pay by credit card over the computer and something about that made me think twice. I like it. I don't have to deal with any one yet you would think they would harass me some way. I just wonder (I remember them having one of my accounts before, maybe this one), I just wonder if they could look it back up, make a good offer and be off with the money. So, i am checking other complaints.

Feb 24, 2013
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  •   Feb 28, 2013

    Here is a good place to start... There is a LOT of information on there about this company being a fraud. TO protect yourself, never give a debt collector your credit card number. They can, and sometimes DO take more than they agreed to take and ion some cases completely max the card out...Prior to making any sort of 'deal', request that this company validate the debt, ask for: Proof that the debt is valid, proof of the amount, and proof that TRS Recovery Services, Inc. has 'legal standing' to be requesting money from you. Just because they claim you owe a debt, and you have a vague recollection of a similar debt, doesn't automatically mean that the claim they make is valid. Fax them the request. If they are legit, they will send you what you've asked for. If they don't send you the information, and continue to harass you about the debt, fax another letter telling them that you will not deal with them and will take the matter up with the original creditor, and demand that cease & desist their efforts. If they do send you the information requested, and you do want to pay them, get their payoff deal in writing FIRST! Then pay them with a cashiers check, NEVER give them a credit card or bank account number, EVER! If they will not provide the written payoff deal FIRST, go the 'cease & desist' route.

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      Feb 28, 2013

    Good move. Never ever give a collector your CC/debit card/electronic access to your check a/c. They will clean you out.
    I might catch some flack here but federal law FDCPA grants you rights and you should resolve this within prescribed law.
    First you should know if you owe the debt.
    Second check your state's statute of limitation to determine if the debt is still collectable. If SOL is expired you are not legally required to pay the debt neither can you be sued. If you get sued show up and prove SOL is expired. You may decide to, or not to pay a SOL eprired debt.
    You should request them for a validation of debt (VOD). This has to be the original contract with your signature on it, not their letterhead with some amounts on it.
    Once they have proven the foregoing whatever you agree with them on the phone make sure you request for it in writing to be mailed to you, i.e. Letter of offer. DO NOT pay anything with out it. If you do they are known to come back later and claim they never made a deal and you still owe the balance.
    Once you have LOA send a cashiers check or money.
    Keep everything stapled together for life.
    CA have way of suffering artificial amnesia years later that you didn't pay off your bill or they just sell it to another collector. Then it's the same collections attempt all over again. Good luck.

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