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Trophy Nissan / bad customer service

1 TX, United States Review updated:

Well..Where do I begin? A few weeks ago I started searching for a used Nissan Altima..basically my dream car. I saw a red 2006 Altima on trophy Nissans website for $8, 197, and it had around 67k miles on it. We called and they invited us to come on in to see it. Upon arriving(from Grand prairie which is a good 35 minutes)we were showed the vehicle. It had hail damage and a spot where the previous owner had scraped a pole. We went to the office to negotiate..and about 15 minutes later we were told it had been sold last night.
They instantly offered us another 2006 Altima, which had 30k miles on it for 13k. We tried to get them to go down, because we honestly couldnt afford that much..we offered 11, 500k but they wouldn't budge. Finally he came down to 1295k. We walked out.
That night the Salesman called us because he had found another 2006 Altima with 38k miles that he could sell us for 11, 500k. We asked him several times, including calling him the next morning. He confirmed the price and said it was ready. We told him that we were going to come in for it later that afternoon.
Meanwhile, We went around to several banks online trying to get approved for a car loan for that amount. In this tough more restrictive economy we got declined. Finally we called State farm, who we have our home and car insurance with, they went above and beyond and got us a loan. We traveled 40 Minutes to sign the loan docs and get the check.
Started out to trophy Nissan(another 35 min drive). When we got there, we went to the salesmans office and he came out to meet us. He informed us that the original red Altima had not been sold and we could test it out. We got in the car and waited for him to get the keys. While waiting another salesman came out and informed us he had already sold that car!
So we went to see the 2006 Altima for 11, 500k that he had called us about. He couldn't find the key and said he would have to have one made. Went to see the car...full of scrapes..not checked, Not inspected. Not ready as he had said.
We went back in the office and then they had Me a test drive yet ANOTHER Altima(which had 90k miles)..for 10k! We said no way, then they dropped to 9500k. We still said no.
We asked about the 11, 500k Altima(The one we had come for), check in hand. The manger came in and informed us that he couldn't let that one go for more then 13k! He finally came down to 12k. We asked him what had happened to that price the salesman quoted us several times. He stated it was mistake. Uh yeah sure, whatever.
He would not honor the quote, even in the good name of customer service. After we explained that we had taken off early from work and found a babysitter for our two small sons BOTH days..still no budging. We ended up walking out very upset, having spent about 2 hours there the day before and 3 hours this time. All the while being given the run around, vehicles were switched around on us several times!
This is the worst experience I've had trying to buy a car. They have basically no customer Service.

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  • Se
      23rd of May, 2007
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    Trophy Nissan - Avoid Trophy Nissan at all cost!
    United States

    I bought a repo'd truck from Trophy Nissan in Mesquite, TX. After taking possession of the truck 2 weeks later found out the bank that owned the repo some how needed the vehicle back but they lied about it. Don't trust Trophy. Avoid them at all cost! I'll see them in court.

  • Pe
      11th of Aug, 2010
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    I bought 2 cars from trophy nissan just recently and let me tell you i will never buy a car there again !! my story is i traded my daughters 2007 mustang because she wanted a car with better gas milage, we repeatly told them before u sell my mustang i want the alarm system back, i went thru several people, !! to make a long story short i was told the car was sold with my alarm system and then i was told the car was stolen from their lot they said we need a receipt for the alarms system so i could get a full refund!!its been 4 months and i was promised several times the corporate has mailed me out a check, after waiting for 4 months and stilll waiting the manager calls me and tells me they lost the receipts and i need to show prove again on the cost of the alarm system!!!, i got so angry and left... penny

  • Di
      17th of Jun, 2011
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    Well where do i begin? I was Referred to see a salesmen to get a car from Trophy Nissan it was less than two hrs when the paperwk work was done and going through the finance dept and everything so they gave me a 2011 nissan versa let me go home with the car had it for like two weeks and the salemen called like on a thurs and asked for another proof of income that i receive every month so i said i could get it as soon a s they fax it. Well while waiting come monday the saleman asked me to come in so they can go through some paperwork with me i get there he is all shaky and nervous and asked me do i have a co signer when i had told the dummy all along i dont want one so he said some days ago i should have it approved as long as they get the paperwork he dont see why not so here he tells me (mind you i am suppose to be there for paperwork) they need the car back until they get it. i was so pissed because being the lying saleman he is all he wanted was the car there were no paperwork and basically he lied. He said soon as we get that form everything should be good and you can come get the car. I had the paperwork the next day i went and got the paperwork for my other source of income. Ok so now im waiting on a call from the saleman no call so i called to see whats goin on No answer from the saleman, the manager said he would call me back when he get an answer he never called back so i caled to talk to the manager that is over him they gave me the run around so i called the finance manager he said i need to talk to the saleman i found that pretty funny Wow!! eing that i ohave a trade in my dealership called mind you my car was in the new car dept they said it was in the used car and when they transferred her to the used car dept they said they did not have my file so she asked to talk to a manager they had her on hold for a long time and came back and said the manager was not there could she call tomorrow and for my dealership to think they were bull crapping they called me and said go somewhere else i recommend nobody do business with trophy nissan they are liars and they bullcrap the whole time i feel bad for anybody who have went through what i have been through i am angry and im not satisfied take that damn best customer service sign down because thats even a lie!!!

  • No
      31st of Dec, 2012
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    just put this way most of these people cant buy

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