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Trivett's Furniture / Bad service

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This is the worst place to buy furniture ever!!! It has been over 4 months and I dont have my furniture still. I spent over $7, 000 there. Tina Trivett, sister of the owner is who I purchased from. Shelly the sales manager is no help either. They keep on telling you they will call you back and a whole bunch of false information. They have the worst customer service in the world. I wish I would have read everyone's complaints before going here. Do not ever purchase furniture from here, they tell you something different when you are there and then ignore you when they have your money. They take your money and run. You have to keep on calling them and they just tell we will call you back with a status, but you never get a call back. I even paid them a visit, and they act all nice to you when you go and then just ignore your call when you call. They should not be in business and I agree with you and hope they go out of business sooner than later.

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  • Di
      21st of Apr, 2015
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    Well, we purchased a new home two years ago and it's a "farm" style house. So, we went looking for new furniture. We shopped everywhere and settled on several items from different store---we purchased from Powells, Trivetts and two placed in King William (Hollady House and Old Red Barn. I highly recommend Holladay House. Anyway, we purchased a beautiful, farm house dining room set ---8 chairs, plus hutch and a leather couch set for the game room. Delivery was slow and we almost cancelled the order due to the continuos delays but we hung on. The furniture was made by Liberty. It really is (was) a beautiful dining room set. The cat knocked over a vase of flowers with water. We cleaned it up, but guess what? 1/2 fo the table warped so badly we couldnt' use it. We had purchased the 5 year warranty and the table was replaced. We questioned the table that was deilvered because it looked re-conditioned, but we were assured it was new. However, here's the catch. You have to purchase another 5-year warranty before delivery whenever you make a claim. If you don't, you can never purchase another warranty on the item. Trivett's blamed the insurance company and the insurance company blamed Trivett's for not making this clear. So, guess what happened? We had a bathroom leak into the kitchen, which ran to the ceiling fan which subsequently "slung" water drops around the entire area and some of that water landed on the table. It is so badly warped that we almost never use it. No help from Trivett's. Repair is impractical due to the low quality of the furniture (we had a furniture person come to take a look). So, we either purchase the same table again or we buy a whole new set. It's less than 24 months old. Thanks for nothing Trivett's.

  • Ro
      9th of Aug, 2016
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    They also own the Ashley store in Winchester. Totally abysmal customer service - crap furniture and I've not heard that about the insurance. I have no doubts that you are correct. We've had two issues with our furniture already (less than a year old) and it's taking months again...still no technician. Can't get a phone call into them or out of them - they're on the their second new phone system in 4 months - sure you are. The first time a technician was supposed to come out they called and said he had an emergency. When he finally did show I asked him and he had no clue what I was talking about. Last week when they cancelled our appointment - guess what the excuse was! Just horrible to deal with and furniture is NOT good quality. Wish I'd have checked reviews before I bought - buyer be ware!!

  • Bs
      3rd of Jul, 2017
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    Wow I have to say I wish I would have done my due diligence before having shelled out over $5K on living room furniture. I too had Tina Trivett as my sales representative and although she was extremely nice and personable I too have issues with the abysmal customer service since then. We purchased the additional warranty and within 4 months of having the furniture we have had issues. First a button came off on a leather chair and a sectional piece is already worn so bad that its an extreme eye sore at this point. I started attempting to contact them in Late March which has been 3 phone calls to the Customer Service Manager Sherry and two trips to the store. All phone calls (messages) had not been returned and the two times I have gone in and spoke with Sherry the front end finance person I was assured that the Sherry (Customer Service Rep) would get a hold of me. I had submitted pictures of my concerns and tried to give them the benefit of doubt. Fast forward to today, I went in there since the last email sent to Sherry was sent on June 17th and I was told I would be called that following Monday. Sherry told me the other Sherry was there and after about 5 minutes came and talked to me. After I told her I was rather shocked at her customer service she informed and explained to her that I had attempted on five occasions to get a hold of her she told me "I have a hard time believing you have tried 5 times" insinuating I was lying about this which needless to say the rest of the conversation did not go well. In a nut shell Fredericksburg has many furniture stores, we as consumers that they count on, need to find other stores to spend our money in SO BEWARE.

  • Ch
      7th of Apr, 2018
    0 Votes

    I will never set foot in Trivett’s again! Went to their outlet center part of store in back and there was a very rude and obnoxious saleswoman in the outlet portion. Don’t know if she was an owner or not. She kept asking if we had come from the main part of store and I told her, “No. We were coming in here from our car.” She kept insisting that we had come from the main part of store ( don’t know why she cared.. must have to do with sales. I was getting more and more frustrated and as I opened car door I said something to my husband about it that had a NOTHING to do with her nor was any of her businesses. She then became abusive thinking I was talking about her and actually tried to pick an argument with me. I will NEVER set foot in that place again. All I know is that she had blond hair and glasses and was wearing a black leather jacket and was one of the nastiest salespersons I’ve EVER encountered!

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