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This company claims to be an unbiased service where people who are traveling/eating out can go and place a review of the hotel/motel/restaurant, etc. The site is completely unfriendly to businesses who get slammed by a disgruntled person. Anyone can post any negative thing they want about a company, lies included but businesses have their hands tied on the type of management response they post. Even if a review is spewing lies, the business can not say so and can not respond directly to the person complaining. Most of the time, these reviews are from people who want something for nothing or have some other hidden agenda. Their reviews hurt businesses and there is no fair way for a business to respond. When trying to contact TripAdvisor as a business owner, they simply dismiss your response or tell you it can't be published. I've also had TripAdvisor contact my business wanting me to pay them for advertising - how does this keep them unbiased? It's curious that the top businesses rarely have a negative review. Is it becasue they pay TripAdvisor???? Makes one wonder...

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  • Fi
      Sep 09, 2010

    We totally agree that Tripadvisor is not unbiased. In fact, we know that they have not published some of the better reviews that were submitted by guests. We also cannot defend ourselves to poor reviews because Tripadvisor will not publish them. It is totally onesided.

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  • Qu
      Nov 07, 2010

    Tripadvisor will not allow a hotel to defend them selves through their "Management response" if the response is a defence then Tripadvisor will allow it, if the response is an agreement and an apology then Tripadvisor will allow makes their sorry site look better.

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