After getting off my 1st job and heading to my 2nd job, I had been waiting 35mins for the max to Milwaukie. As I try entering the max the doors directly in front of me wouldn't open so I walked to the next closest door and before I could get on it the doors closed in front of me, keep in mind that it was no more than a few seconds from the time the door opened until it closed. I try pushing the open door button and that didnt work either! So now I have to wait another ####ing 25mins to get on the next max and I will be late for work, where its potential I will be let go and I need this job! All because the max driver decided that the door only needed to be open for a total of 7sec and the button wouldn't work. Id like to thank trimet for helping keep me in poverty. We the people pay your ####ing salary the least and I mean the least you could do is let the people who pay you get on the ####ing max. And fix the damn button that stops the driver from closing the door on you!!!

Jan 15, 2017

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