[Resolved] TravelSmart VIPtravelsmart vip contract for blue diamond membership.

V Feb 02, 2019

Please note this is a review I wrote on pissed consumer. I have a friend who is a news reporter who I will ask her to take up my case and investigate your company practice.

Your company can not keep on deceiving people who just come for a pleasant holiday,

Myself and partner went to the royalton in falmouth and was invited to a presentation from 10.30- 3.30 after being pressurised to sign up for a blue diamond travel smart deal.

When we went back to the hotel and read the contract properly we could not afford this financially and also reading the reviews we were appalled at the service they provided.

I cancelled within the 5 days, however I received emails from the sales manager at royalton who sent me various emails (proof can be provided) that she was aware of the negative reviews and that she would like to give me the opportunity to still be apart of there club and she has formulated a trial membership for us to keep giving us vacation discount for 3 years to come back to blue diamond resorts. (sounds good lol)
Please review and let me know your thoughts to see if this is more financially feasible to you to earn your trust (this is what the sales manager wrote)
The next day not giving me time to read the proposal she wrote
Can you please accept or we will be declined as we need to close out of our system today. We await your urgent response to expedite today., I wrote back stating I need more time to read and come back to her with questions. She responding saying she can only wait one more day for my response.

I read the contract and was not happy with what she wrote she also use some abbreviation in the contract.
I emailed her asking her a variety of questions that I needed answered about the so called new contract.

She emailed me informing me that she would like to telephone me to
Clarify the information I required.

I responded my informing her that
I wish to have her clarify information I requested in writing,
The next day she cut and pasted information of what was available at resorts but avoided answering the questioned I emailed to her, due to this I informed her that I cancelled within the 5 day period and did not wish to proceed.
She wrote back informing me that this is noted and she will proceed
As per clause 7 of the membership purchase and sales agreement.
And I must expect communication from one of there representatives.

What a dishonest sales manager in one of her first email it clearly states that I should let her know if I am interested in the new proposal, as she needs to close my case out of the system, once I inform her I wish to have my money refunded to me she said she will be processing my membership anyway.

I need to have my money refunded to me as soon as possible. I contacted you within the timescale.

I live in the uk I will be seeking legal advice and I also will be placing a advert in the paper regarding travel smart vip royalton falmouth jamaica.
I have all the emails as evidence. Thank goodness I did not place a large deposit like the other people scammed by these deceitful sales persons. I will stop until I get my refund, this is a very dishonest sales manager. Noted I have not named and shamed her yet. I will give the company the opportunity to refund my money,

  • Resolution Statement

    TravelSmart VIP customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complaint author have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where company image and it's services are concerned.

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