Transunion / credit score

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For the past 12 months I have faithfully watched my credit scores fluctuate up and down. I paid off all creditors April 2017. My score, slowly rose to a 670. I unfortunately lost my job and was forced to file bankruptcy. My score dropped again to a 656 until Feb. 3, 2018 when it dropped to a 564. I have not attempted to obtain credit from anyone up until today. I have not attempted to do anything regarding my credit. My loan with Fed Loan Servicing was given a year deferment two months ago. Still I have not applied for anything or done anything concerning credit. My score dropped 59 points suddenly. It seems that no matter what I do, Transunion continuously does as it pleases concerning my credit score. In addition, I have been one of the many individuals that have been apart of your failure to protect my information. I want my credit score refurbished back to a 670. I have worked hard and refrained from being in debt to anyone for anything. This seems to be a another practice against Black Americans to establish, maintain, and grow in economics. There is no way you can explain how one incident dropped my score more than 100 points over a course of a year!


Jul 02, 2018

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