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Trans Am Trucking / ripping drivers off

1 Olathe, KS, United States Review updated:
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Trans am trucking lie to their drivers to get their truck payments and the govt money. They have an agreement with the govt to employ x amount of drivers every month. Try and be a driver of trans am you get no miles and you are talked down to like a child. I have over 20 years experince driving. No one talks to me like they think they can. You are kept at a certain amount of miles to pay for the truck and boy if you have a family forget it - no money goes home to them - their fees and bs are unbelievable - the bones of the thing is to many trucks not enough freight and if you look at their ads they sound great but ask yourself how??? We have since left them and they are taking every dime i made for their truck for two whole weeks plus my maintence accounts and personal money i saved a side for an emergancy - unbelievable a company like that gets away with it - oh yeah go to their office they are locked up tighter than fort knox now we know why screw the driver and toss them aside -

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  • Jc
      22nd of Oct, 2009
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    I ate Trans Am [censored] for 12 months just to get current driving time documented. I've owned my own trucks in the past and know
    how to stretch a nickel. I had exactly 5 days off in 13 months counting my month as a "student" driver and still couldn't stay in the black on my truck.
    BIGGEST rip-off company I was ever asociated with.

  • Dl
      8th of Nov, 2009
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    He is not lying. I started out great with miles and making excellent weekly settlements but after 2 months they lowered my miles, take my loads and treat me like [censored]. I never done anything to them but made them money. They are not committed in keeping you running for your benefit, they just want you to pay and maintenance their tractors. I have lost just about everything including my marriage by staying with these idiots. TransAm dispatchers and planners have their pick on who they will take care of. What in the hell I'm doing wrong?

  • 2d
      1st of Jan, 2010
    -1 Votes

    im only reading 3 complaints out of 100, s of drivers im not sure if you were complaners or refused loads or maybe hung out in truck stops to long but i no 3 drivers is not a reason not to consider a career with trans am it mitr be me but i have alot more reports on otherbig companys and ther where more than 3 complants so speaking for myself 3 is not enough to not try them

  • Sa
      22nd of Dec, 2016
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    @2dogz Lmao go ahead try them. They do not care about you or your family. My question is why are you hiring people to kiss them off and make them quit. Call ooida and enquire about trans am or play dumb and sign on with them. You'll be SORRY lol.

  • Ss
      17th of Apr, 2017
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    @2dogz My husband and I were with them for 3 months. Went to orientation in January 2017. We had our mind made up that we were going in as company driver (I do not have my CDL). Got talked in to doing a lease with them! Biggest mistake ever. When we decided to quit we gave our 2 weeks notice. We drove the truck back to Olathe and turned in everything that was given to us at orientation. Was told by the accounting department that we'd have our "settlement" in about 3 weeks! Got our settlement package in the mail today!! They screwed us on our 2220 miles that we ran the week before we quit!! Did not get paid for those!! We had money set up in other accounts like a maintenance account ($750) and 2 other accounts!! Did NOT get our money from those accounts back either! Only good thing about that company is the satellite TV - Direct TV and refrigerator! I've called accounting department and no one will return my call...imagine that!!

  • Lo
      22nd of Jan, 2010
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    they are a very unorganized company they need to regroup upper management need to wake up and ask themself if we are hiring 10 to 15 drivers a week and if it is so good why are we having to replace 10 to 15 drivers a week . they need to stop hiring drivers and take care of what they got because if they did when i was there i would still be there .

  • Tr
      27th of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Mr. 2dogz, I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I too have a legitimate complaint against Transam. Each story typed here shares a piece of what happened to me while working for Transam. When I was hired as a copmany driver they showed me much love by giving me all the miles i could handle...six months later they convinced (hounded) me to lease instead of driving for the company. I was new to the driving world and thought it was a good thing to test; boy was I wrong!!! I never got out of the red, never got enough miles to earn money to keep for myself and my family. I was babysitting their truck for months...that lease program they have is BullS##t!!! I'm not sure which was worse, the day or weekend dispatchers! I guess there's one good thing I got out of it, I got a chance to see every truck stop in america in that new truck they LOANED me! LOL. I got their p/u and drops on time, no tickets, no accidents...and still they treated me liks [censored]!!


  • Sc
      30th of Jan, 2010
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    BEWARE of TRANSAM it is a SCRAM and the Goverments backs it.
    It's all Peaches & Cream untill that frist load, then bend over!!!
    All information here (below) can be verified and is documented.

    After 6 weeks in their truck as an Owner/Operator my 'pay statement' shows a
    negative $2300 plus. This truck in the frist 3 weeks had over $700 of repairs
    done and TRANSAM charges my account for it.
    Leasing department lies to you(me), Driver Manager lies to you(me).
    Their Shop operation is the worst I've ever seen, nothing gets done. Or
    done right the frist time.

    This Company is the biggest "[censored] OPERATOR" I have ever had the misfortune
    of dealing with.


    be very happy to fax pay statements to anyone interested, then see for yourself

  • Ni
      11th of Feb, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I worked for Trans Am in 07. At the time i had only 1.5 years as an OTR driver but I worked for in transportation for the government since I was 21, I was 36 then. It seem to me that what this company prays on is ignorant drivers/ students. Now with the research that I done on my truck as far as operating it efficiently, I managed to bring home GOOD money. I also understand all too well how if is calculated. Arm with this knowledge, I was able to knock every curve they thew at me out of the park. They tried like hell but they could to stop me from making money. This company is so hell bent on ripping me off. They went so as shutting off my satellite and disabling my APU, to putting my truck out of alignment.. I could go on for a minute or two telling you about the things they do to cost you money. It got so bad they would even lock my truck in the shop when I leave on the yard, to swap part to charge to my account.The shop Foreman trying to pick a fight when i went lookin for my truck. they would even Hold my loads on the TYSON yard in Olathe, until Drop dead time so I could deliver it late. YES It got bad. they could beat me out the money so they sabotage the truck and my career( well tried to). THIS COMPANY IS NOTHING MORE TRAN WELL ORGANIZED BULL!

  • Ni
      11th of Feb, 2010
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    By the way @ 2dogz And @ yachtsman... Over all I was successful @ Trans Am Trucking, Inc. I got what I wanted. They didn't get what they wanted from me. I have NO reason Not to be truthful about MY experience @ that company. I think its fair that people KNOW whats going on there. When they altered my equipment so that it cost me more money to operate, No satellite system and they screen phones calls, is the reason I left. My truck roll @ 62MPH which kept me on Average at about 7.6 to 8.0 MPG with that BIG cat C15, Hell Yeah. I will agree with you this far, they do treat I would say about 1 out 20 drivers/ lease operators right. Its Affirmative Action, somebody has to say something good. It cant be ALL bad. I didn't give A hoot about what they did, until they Dick up my truck! But there is no way in hell i would have stayed there if I'm bringing home negative Settlements. I never had one of those, Thank God! I went there with money and I left with money! You guys must Have been the TWO out of the Forty! good for you! I believe you know As well as i do these guys are NOT LYING! YOUR company SUCKS! say what you want you two are still not enough to justify their Action. There better ### company out there!

  • Bi
      5th of Mar, 2010
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    @The Yachtsman
    Hmmmmmmmmmm... Why do I smell a lie here? You took home $150K in 2008 after all was said and done working for Trans Am. That is about as much ### as I have ever heard. I don't believe you, so prove it. I can't see anyone except maybe specialized haulers making that much when fuel was high and maintenance costs sorry no way did you make that much take home . Yeah you might have grossed that much but you sure didn't take it home.
    Not to mention you sound like an office desk jockey and not a real driver anyway.
    I made 90K in 08 myself after taking a month off while working for a different company but I had about 40K in fuel and some repairs. So I brought home about 45K . You must have one exceptional truck to make it home with $150K after everything else.

  • Un
      8th of Mar, 2010
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    Man, some people just don't get the picture here. I am a lease driver for trans am and I in fact am in the hole. I do not speed and keep at 70 or below at all times. I have never been late to pick up a load and never been late dropping one either. The issue is how they pay the lease drivers. They do not pay you per trip but by pay period. So even if you do 3000 plus miles in a 7 day period you will only get paid out what was in their pay cycle of that 7 day period. In other words if you drove 3000 miles total and you had 3 trips in those 7 days and only 1 of the runs was during the pay cycle then you would get paid for only one trip. It is this method that is called floating so that the company can survive and maintain a steady cashflow. Business wise it is very smart but for the driver it is a nightmare. It is this method that causes negative settlements and hardship for the driver.
    I myself have gotten very good miles averaging 2500 miles every 7 days. I still am suffering and have gotten only two settlements in a months time. In contract it states they do not have to pay out a settlment for 15 days after the arrival of the trip pak.
    So there you have it.

  • Co
      13th of Apr, 2010
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    I'm looking for an experienced "lease/purchase" driver for Trans Am. If you're reading this blog, please respond with the utmost truth about the company's l/p's program and the manner they are treating you. I am about to join the company this month (April/2010) and majority of these complaints scare the hell out of me! If you're a fleet manager or desk jockey, keep your input to yourself. I care for the truth and only the truth from one of my own...and that means "truck drivers only!"

    Holler back,

    Cottonball Jr.

  • Ha
      13th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I have over twenty years experience in trucking/ owner operator an company. Mostly owner now this company did not treat any driver well. I moved supposedly it was going to be wonderful-Their recruiting is really good at lying.Heather was my dispatcher an for the life of me I begged for miles an she would not give them. She said she had to go with what was given to her from the area coordinator. Now for those that do not believe I worked my butt off for what measly peanuts Heather is the niece of the owner an she recently got married. Now after everything is said an done DO NOT work for this company. MY pay stubs prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a move to survive was necessary. Believe or not but if I had found this much negative I would have run from this company.

  • Tr
      15th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    The problem here seems to be with leasing from Transam. My husband has been driving with them for 1-1/2 years as a COMPANY driver. We researched Transam on the internet and discovered that you DO NOT want to be a lease driver. If you go with Transam, be a COMPANY driver only. They will try everything to get you to lease after your 1-month training run. They will usually make you wait at the hotel making only $50 a day waiting for a truck. It's a hassel, but wait for a truck as a company driver, and you can make money with Transam. My husband pays child support and that is a big reason why we didn't go lease after reading the complaints on the internet. He has talked to a lot of the guys who went lease before he got his company truck because they were tired of waiting for a truck. They all complain about negative checks. If you want to work for Transam and make money, be a company driver.

    Truthfully, with any of the trucking companies these days, you cannot make money as a lease driver.

  • Do
      21st of May, 2010
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    i had been a driver for 15 years and had to stay out of a truck for 5 years, when i went back to driving, trans am is the company that sounded the best, boy, was i wrong, i too was bullied into leasing a truck. i am still with them at this time, and am home for the first time in 3 months, for the month of april i actually made a positive settlement, 174.00. that was after driving 3600 miles.they have lied to me and to everyone i have met while working for them, i just recently found out transam is no longer hiring company drivers . you must lease a truck. if you want to earn an honest living, do not work for this company !!! i would like to know what can they do if i tell them to come pick up the truck parked in front of my house. oh and to the yacht owner you must be upper management for transam . and you sound like you should be living in a trailor in
    galveston... TRANSAM SUCKS !!! dottie

  • Di
      8th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    trans am is an awful company. they are a bunch of liars. after 4 months, i decided to get out. they kept me in the red, no money to pay bills or survive. they only give you enough money to pay for their lease. when i told them i was leaving, they went to the location of the truck and TOOK IT BACK WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE. they then called me and told me what they did and i told them that it was my responsiblity to return it and they said "too bad. its at an undisclosed location" i argued with them to no avail. now they are purpously trying to ruin my driving career.. they will lie to all other trucking firms about you. the BBB in kansas has them listed as an F rating. the worst possible rating. I filed a complaint against them because of them taking the truck without my knowledge. they are a sham company. if this is what the industry is like, them i am glad to get out of it. BEWARE OF TRANS AM. STAY AWAY. they will lie to you just to get you to pay their lease. the list goes on and on as to what they did to money, no miles. lies.scams. this company is a rip off. stay away.

  • Ea
      7th of Jul, 2010
    +2 Votes

    I worked for trans am for about a year and yes i have bad checks and good checks after all was said and done i made around 130, 000 my first year after fuel, payments and truck maintance i brought home around 40, 000 which after talking to alot of other drivers i thought was really good considering i got to drive a new truck with a tri-pack, automatic trans, 475hp to 500hp cat engine, satilite radio, and a built in 5000 watt power converter. the trucks are top of the line and also if you complete a lease in four years you get around 20, 000 dollars to help buy the truck or take some time off they also have six month lease and you can get around three to four thousand every six mouths and take a month off come back do it all over again. i do got to say one thing i only went home once a month for three to four days or i would go home twice a month for one day each time. and i always try to get my loads to the receiver ten hours before the delivery time so i would be ready to go after i was empty and i made sure i let my dispatch knew what i was doing to get preplaned. All I am saying is you can make money with them but you got to watch your ps & qs find the best place to get the work done on
    """"YOUR TRUCK """" and watch what you spend. You can make two hunderd more dollars a week by running 60mph instead of 70mph
    one last thing find a driver that is doing well and talk to him all the time and more and likley you will follow in his foot steps i did and we help each other out a lot and we both made good money.

  • Ss
      17th of Jul, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I worked for trans am trucking for a few years, I made money while on the road, I was a company driver and I made my miles, I worked in the office for training and development for 1 year, my problem was not with the money made which by the way I lost out by transferring to the office job, my problem was with the head of training and development, the woman was given the job because she was friends with vp's daughter, she got that job over a guy who had been there for 20 years, just because she was friends with the daughter, and this came out of her mouth, she was very rude to me, she even wanted me to let her drive a truck on the highway when she does not even posess a CDL, I guess that was the beginning of the end for me, on several occasions and it was in front of student drivers, if i was sick forget it, I worked more than 70 hours a week for that company and was never paid overtime, she yellowed insubordination, which was a crock of [censor], i did my job the way i was told to do it, and when i complained to HR, and the supervisor I had at that time, and her about her attitude towards another woman, me, it was over, but in the end I won, she was found to be wrong by the ESCommision in N.C. and I felt sort of vindicated, my problem was that the ones you thought were your friends and allies were really a kiss [censor] bunch of [censor]s, not one of those people stood by me because they were afraid if losing their jobs, and they would have in the end, all i can say is run the load, get there on time, manage your time wisely, and stay away from the comdata card, I saw that a lot of young drivers got money off that card and never sent in receipts for the spent money, no receipt for the business no reimbursement, as far as management goes, it is family and friends first, drivers last...and yes if you get along with dispatch you will have the miles if you run the load on time delivery is the key to making money, just watch out for the so called friends you have there, your job is a way of life for you and if you follow the rules you can make it, sometimes you have to eat dirt to make ends safe out there in whatever job you are at...

  • Lu
      7th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    I just want to point out a few things about Yachtsmans comments.

    First, he claims he averaged 3800 miles per week - obviously, he never drove across Ohio, Illinois, or Michigan - or ran in the mountains much. And I doubt he did much east coast either. Must be nice running up and down the plains all year long. But he also claims that you don't make any money running 75 MPH. So we're to believe he ran 3800 miles per week under 75 mph all the while. Now, if you divide 3800 miles by 70 hours, you get an average speed of 54 mph (including fuel stops, work zones, scales, etc., and that's every 8 days, not 7) So it's possible to do it, but the logistics have to be pretty spot on. The drivers I've seen running that hard were hopped up on meth or coke more often than I care to relate.

    Second, he claims he made $150K his "last year with them", and then took all of '09 off. His last year with them? Why would a supertrucker making $150K quit? He did not mention retiring. Odd that...

    And finally, he later says he checks with this board "nearly every day". Obviously, he's not driving anymore.

    It sounds like working for TA would be OK for a company driver, but not as an O/O. Good to know.

  • Lu
      8th of Aug, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Coda: Something just struck me after I hit the submit button. $150, 000 / (3800*52 weeks) = $150, 000 / 197, 600 miles = 75.9 cents per mile. That's AFTER all expenses.

  • Ak
      12th of Sep, 2010
    +2 Votes

    Hey, Scram, can you tell me where I can get a "pay statement' from this [censored] Company? I've work for them for four months and have never seen a pay statement or reconciliation of any sort. Just need info about retreiving lease operator settlement pages.

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