Trackphone / trackfone gave away my minutes

United States

I bought a track one a year ago and never used it. I tried to reactivate it online and add minutes. The online system took my minutes pin number but couldn't get the serial number to work so I called customer service. After an hour on the phone I got my phone working and it showed I had 90 minutes. Odd since I only bought 60. I called a smart phone to see what the number was and I had a new number, no surprise. I used the phone for 2 days and then it was deactivated. I called customer service 2x and finally was told my minutes were given to the person that had my old number and there was nothing they could do. They didn't assign the minutes to the phone serial number, they just picked an old number. Anyone thinking about getting a trackfone and especially reactivating one, think twice. Trackfone is a scam and they have no qualms about giving your number and minutes away to anyone. DON'T BUY TRACKFONE!

May 27, 2015

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