Tracker ConnectService is worst than a hijacking

It all started by a call from lawye from operating from a filthy office in R'Poort CBD claiming that i owe Tracker. I then called Tracker and they told me that i must pay about R700 and everything should be fine(i ave 2 cars with them). I told them that i sold one car but just bought another one. They charges me for the new car immediately before i even gave them the details. They promised to do the transfer for free but later forced me take a 36 month contract(I completed the first 36 months last year) if i want a free transfer. I later phoned them about the new car and they told me that the car's got a tracker already. I asked them to check if both cars' units are working. They told me i will get an sms within 72hrs. After 10 days, no sms. I then went to BP selft test and it failed. I then phoned them again and the guy told me that he will speak to the manager and come back to me. He never came back to me. They are charging me but they do not even know wether both cars units are working or not. Although i own both units (36 months elapsed) they wanted to dupe me in to another 36 months without even knowing if the units are ok. I'm glad i am on month to month contract!!


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