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Purchased a Tracfone from Home Shopping Network and have experienced nothing but frustration. When I was told that verizon released my present cell phone number i activated my new tracfone. Everything seemed great and I completed a number of calls but soon discovered that my incoming calls were going to my old phone. Some texts came to my new phone but some came to my old phone. I have tried to rectify this problem over the last 3 weeks. Each attempt has left me more infuriated. You can not get results unless you have an adequate amount of free time to be put on hold and redirected to department after department. each time I was asked to perform the same mundane tasks. yesterday after 2 hours I thought I finally had the problem solved–think again. I was waiting for a new sim card when i was informed by a potential tutoree that my cell phone was not working. It seems that Tracfone canceled my present cell phone number and therefore my Verizon phone does not work. I am still paying for this service but have no phone. I specifically told them that i did not care if my tracfone was shut off because i don’t use it but they never told me that my old phone would not work This was after they admitted the glitch was their fault.. As a newly retired math teacher i plan on subsidizing my income by tutoring. I have given potential students this cell phone number that does not work. I was told today that there was nothing tracfone could do as the new sim card is in transit. I am still awaiting this new card to see if it will indeed fix the problem. because i purchased this phone from HSN and my problem is with Tracfone I feel that the problem is complicated.

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      Sep 27, 2012

    I have used Tracfones for years and have never had any problems with them. The only thing I use them for is when I am someplace and need to call for a cab to get home. Nobody has the phone number for that phone and I don't have it turned on unless I am making a call. The minutes for those phones cost too much to be having people calling and texting me on them. For other calls I have a landline phone.

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