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I am wondering why they are still in service. I was told about 4 months ago when I didn't get my minutes that it was my phone because it was so old (bought in 2009) that I needed to buy a new phone. Was transferred over 5 times and on hold for 2 hours.. Supervisor said they would not do it again (give me my PAID minutes) that I had to buy a new phone. Then I tried to cancel service on Friday and was till charged on my credit card beause their website didn't cancel all 3 of my phones. I am now on hold over and hour again, they refuse to reimburse my charges and tell me I have to call back because it is not letting them cancel the services. This company is a RIP OFF and THEY SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN. They have people who can not understand you and you can't understand them. All they keep saying is that darn script "I understand your issue" NO THEY DON"T because if they did I WOULDN"T BE ON THE PHONE OVER AN HOUR!!!

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      10th of May, 2012

    have been a customer for going on 5 years I think. I have had seamless service with a high level of satisfaction. I have had the same inexpensive phone for all that time. I decided last week to buy a new TRAC Fone a LG 800. I recieved it promptly and proceeded to try to activate it and transfer my minutes. The night mare began. I have talked to three service representatives and one supervisor and have left shaking my head at the level of ignorance about what should be a seamless procedure to transfer to a new phone and transfer minutes.

    The first repersentative managed to activate my new phone with my old number although w she at first said Ineeded a different phone before she could do it. It turns out she could and my new phone was activated however my old phone still worked.

    I therefore called and of course got a different rep, I guess you have no proceedures in place for any continuity for related calls, and after 30 minutes which I found out I was paying for she ran upagainst the need a second phone problem. After some questions she said she would have to send me a new SIM card for my old phone which she had managed by this time to disable. After pointing out to her I didnt think i should be debited the 28.5 minutes it took her to repeatedly tell me to allow her to take more time to enter information which seems to be yuir company mantra to w extract minutes from peoples account she said I would be credited those minutes when I called back to give your next rep a chance to play with my old phone with the new SIM card. Now, as I thought then, that was a outright deception to get me off the line

    I got the SIM card yesterday and installed it correctly but now the phone wont boot past the screen that gives me the date service ends . Then the screen goes blank but the phone still has 71.30 minutes onit which I wanted to transfer to my new phone.

    I called back just 30 and was told by the third rep that I didnt need the SIM card and all I needed was a different phone and that that Rep#2 had outright lied to me about getting credited for the 28.5 minutes spent getting nothing done. To add to my frustration the new SIM does not appear to work. After this i asked to speak to a supervisor a Victor.who outright told me I was not getting any miuutes back no reason, no company policy, just youre not getting them back and I wasnt getting my, paid for, minutes (71.30) transferred from my old phone unless I could come up with a alternated number.

    I am disabled and homebound with TRAC Fone as my lifeline. I have one phone 8282166549, I can just afford the minutes I buy and it is painful to see them s dissipated by a duplicitous business plan. I spent about 50 minutes with your rerex sentatives on a proceedure that should have taken not over 20 min if that and that did not includethe 8.5 minutes spent on hold before I was told there would be a 30 minute wait. I had to witness bumbling support, out right misrepresentations and arbitrary dismissal by a supervisor. This indicates poor support training, poor coordination and no system for bundling problems with the same phone or subscriber. Your Reps tried to be polite and I applaud their English but they had a tendency to mumble which made their moderate accents at times hard to decipher. Another problem was the cross talk audible onto my call from their I guess booths from other calls handled by other reps.

    I am sending you this out of frustration that your company would so brazenly rip off time on service calls caused by your own employees apparent lack of training, ignorance of procedures and I would think the poor writing and composition of your protocol book in which they had trouble finding the problems I was bringing to their attention. If I were dealing with say Amazon I would expect a quick reply and rsolution to my problem and even an apology. From the attitude and behavior of Victor I donrt think I will get my minutes nor an apology but I think you should know that a satisfied customer of 5 years is now not! I trusted you with my limited income and you ripped me off. I hope it was inadvertant and you will do what is right and not charge me for your employees lack of training.

    Just in case you want to do something to transfer my minutes from my old phone

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