Tracfone / double minute problems

United States

On 1/4/2017 I purchased a 120 minute calling card, I am on the double minute plan and did not receive my double minutes. I called and the person I talked to said I was just on the basic plan. I told him he better check again. After a few minutes he came back and verified I was indeed on the double minute plan. The minutes were added and he told me to call back to up date my account. I did this and was asked for my zip code. That person said I was updated and was good to go. Later that afternoon I went to make a phone call and my phone said no service. I called back again and was told that because I had a different zip code my phone number had been changed. First of all I find this is B.S., why would my phone number change just because my zip code changed. By the way I have been at this zip code for 2 years and had no problems adding minutes. The person I talked to this time said to turn the phone off and then back on and the new number would show up on my phone, no such luck. Now I call back and have trouble with the pre recorded menu because I have no phone number to give them. I am getting very P O. Finally get thru and am told the same thing about the zip code, I tell them just give me my old number back, they said they can't because it has already been given out, come on, in less than a couple of hours??? I finally get my new number. How about compensating back about 15 minutes I used texting everyone the new number?? This service sucks, and while I'm at it hire people that speak clear English, very annoying sorry I didn't understand you. You can contact me at [protected] or [protected]. Keith Vieau

Feb 4, 2017

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