TracFonecustomer service an lost of my minutes and not taking my security information seriously

I have a tracfone [protected] I done had for a while I actually bought a card for it the same day I lost phone I go buy another phone a alcateonetouch a206g I bought a 29.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Omaha, NE99 all from a walgreens by my house 90th center I lost the phone I set up my email information did security code etc ok I deactivated my phone an they where to hold my minutes til I went about another phone well out the blue moon my [protected] is calling my phone I jumped out my bed called tracfone an spoke with cindy who states she is a supervisor I asked her how the hell did my phone get re activated she said they had to know my I formation!!! There is no way a stranger could know my first pin 7812 let alone my dead dogs name impossible so I deactivated it again an changed my info I would like all my minutes reimburse or send me my money for my phone an my minute card since customer service feels friendly enough to re-activate my phone to anybody who calls in on it wasting my money that I spent that came out of my pocket so I would like reimbursement all my money ran back to me with the prices of my phone can't no one get that info im beyond dis appointed i'm mad as hell

Jan 16, 2017

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