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Toyota Financial Services / Title processing

1 United States

I have always had good luck with Toyota cars and so when I was looking to buy a small, fuel-efficient car for commuting in 2007, I purchased a T0yota Yaris, financed through Toyota Financial. Now that I'm no longer commuting by car, I am selling the Yaris. Buyer in hand, I went to pay-off the loan on the car. First, they told me that if I wanted to the payment to be processed in fewer than 10! business days, I needed to send a certified check...I did that. I sent them a certified check which they received on a Tuesday morning. From then it took them almost 2 full days to process the payment (mind you, with a check FROM THE BANK). Finally, I called Thursday morning and was told that payment had been processed and the title was on its way; I should receive it in 2-3 business days. I asked if they had some way to track the shipment of the title--you know, because it represents the OWNERSHIP OF MY CAR and until I sell the car, we're in tight financial shape--and they said "no, we've never had any problems." Well, that was reassuring...NOT. Here we are now on the next Tuesday...3 business days (4 mail delivery days) later and NO TITLE. I look at the online portal and see that my account has been closed. I call them. Turns out that they haven't sent the title at all because I paid with a bank check with the bank's address on it and they didn't know if they should send the title to me or to the bank. Let's see...did anyone call me to ask me that: NO. When I called the day after the payment was processed, did anyone ask me that: NO. When I was told to send a bank check, did anyone tell me I needed to specify the address to which to send the title: NO. When I went to the online portal, was there any note saying they needed to check where to send the address: NO. If I hadn't called, would they ever have done anyting? NO. This is the most appaling customer experience I have ever had and WILL NEVER USE TOYOTA FINANCIAL SERVICES to finance a car purchase again. Meanwhile, I have to figure out how to make a mortgage payment while I wait for them to actually send the title to me.

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