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My car was NOT repossessed

My car was stolen and recovered out of state. Because of miscommunication from the impound lot, Toyota was called to take the car or risk it being sold at auction. This despite the fact that it was tagged as a stolen car and there were active attempts by the insurance company to release the car.

Toyota took possession of the car without notice to me or insurance company. All payments were up to date. Then, when contacted by insurance company, they roadblocked the appraisal by moving the car from lot to lot without informing anyone. Finally it was appraised and the loan paid off.

Now Toyota is reporting this fiasco as a "repossession" on my credit reports. I contacted them with all my documentation and they still refuse to take it off the reports! Now I have to shell out for a lawyer to try to get this misinformation off my reports. In telling this story to people I know, I have found that other people have had similar complaints about Toyota Financial and their unfair practices.

  • Ki
    kia1 Dec 31, 2010

    toyota is so unfair they repoed my car gave me a bad loan. they would not listen to me or help me. they wont even put down what lot the car is in I have to wait till monday to get it. I will never buy a car from them again. they put so many secret stuff in the contracts and don't let you see it. they told me i had a balloon payment. but when i look at my contract i see no balloon payment i will never buy a car from them again.

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my credit report

In 2007, my car was repossessed after being past due on 2 payments. I had been out of work sick for 7 months prior, and was struggling to play catch-up with my bills. I returned to work May, 2007. Car was repoed in June or July, 2007. I understand that the repo will remain on my credit report for some time, but nowhere on the credit report does it indicate that the repo was reinstated - that all fees were paid, or that my payments resumed. Having a repo on a credit report is bad enough, but to leave it open is worst. Please tell me
how I can get my credit report updated with the correct information.

toyota unwilling to negotiate II

Mr. Ryo Fukuda from Toyota Motor Sales USA Customer Relations has contacted me that he is very concerned with my complaint and directs me again to Toyota Financial Services at the same phone number [protected] with the same department, where Chris tells me that again Toyota does not negotiate.

I do not know why would someone say that he or she is very concerned and directs you again to the same department for the same outcome. This amounts to a run around pretending to care about customer service.

Toyota is unwilling to negotiate.

My sister cecilia sanchez owns a toyota tundra 2003. Her toyota financial account is [protected]. She has no...


When I traded a 2005 Highlander in July 15, 2006 for a 2004 Saturn Vue, it was to get out of a Leasing...

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I hate them

Toyota Financial does not know what customer service is! They are terrible. They have lost checks of mine. I have sent checks in, done online bill pay, done payments through their site, and they clear on my bank's end...but not at Toyota (according to them). I think they are in the business of stealing money...not of providing loans. They wrongfully repossessed my car earlier this year, and I had to borrow money from a family member since I didn't have the money...and now along with my car loan, I also technically have a loan with this family member...and Toyota still has not fixed their error. I have my state's consumer board investigating them...but it is taking forever. I hate Toyota Financial. They are terrible. I wish I could afford to just pay off the loan all today!

  • Bt
    BT Jun 13, 2008

    They are BEYOND awful. I went through a lease transfer that took over 2 months of me calling and pointing our errors with addresses, failed promises... I just got off the phone with a rep who admitted that they are not equipped to handle things efficiently. She really did try hard though. And she did get me a supervisor's extension. It took haranguing the supervior for three days to get me my paperwork (which was promised for THREE WEEKS) send 2nd-day FedEx. Finally it is over. I got hung up on, lied to, and had my information sent to bad addresses. IDIOTS.

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  • Kh
    khalied thompson Aug 08, 2008

    i am so upset, i heat the day iwent to toyota dealer were i purchase two cars... 2009
    since that day, i was receiving too many cals from toyoa fianancing;;;regarding my payement...even i sent the total of 520.38 . i have the copy of money orders.
    no one listen to me .its ok
    but put on minde that i am not responsable no more for
    the payment for this car...because u trate ur custumer
    bull shut.even i mention my attitude on ur surveille..
    poor... every thing... u still not care...
    i dont care too... take ur car plz
    or i will see u at the court, no thanks for u
    u dont desere it case# 2008
    o8-o8 06 22

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  • Pa
    Pat Aug 28, 2008

    I sent them an overpayment of $250.00 on June 3, 2008. It is now August 28, 2008. After numerous call to try and get my money back, no one at Toyota Financial Services knows where it is. They are of no help!

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  • Sa
    Sarah_Naegle Nov 16, 2009

    I too have been a faithful consumer to toyota. In May of this year my husband and I paid our monthly bill with a money order. Never paying with a money order before I was unaware that we needed to keep the reciept. So we had no proof that we paid May payment. So they told us they would send out a paper for us to sign to put Mays payment at the end of our loan. Then June came around. We again paid with a money order. This time I kept the reciept. I was told that they never recieved the payment. So I had to pay 25 dollars of out of pocket expense to trace the money order. come to find out that not only did toyota financial recieve the payment, they also cashed it and did not credit it to our account. So since june i have been on the phone nearly every day with them. They told us to fax the paper to them that the money order company sent us. I did over 20 times. Ive talked to at least 100 different ppl most of them rude and uncaring to our situation. I have been told numorous times that someone would call us back within the hour, within the day, within the week, and no one ever calls us back. We get up to three phone calls a day from toyota telling us that our account is past due, but we can't get anyone to call us to tell us what is going on. They keep saying that they have never recieved a fax from us. I have sent it to at least ten different fax numbers that they have provided us with. I have faxed this paper in three times alone today. I have talked to fifteen ppl just today. I was told by two supervisors today alone that they would call me back within the hour. I spent five hours this morning on the phone with this company. Now they are putting our car into default for payments that they have already recieved and I have no clue what to do. This has taken a huge toll on my marriage, this has ruined our credit and in this economy credit is everything. We cant even buy a new washing machine because of the bad marks that toyota has put on our credit. I quit smoking five years ago and now because of stress smoke at least a pack a day. I cry almost every single day. I feel like toyota has ruined our lives, and it just doesnt seem like they really care all that much.

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  • Ba
    bassman263 Dec 11, 2009

    I too have had issues with TMCC. I was up to date on payments, got a new job, and would not recieve a paycheck for the first 4 wks, so asked for an extension of 1 month. They readily agreed, as I had never missed a payment or been late. However, the following month I was not able to make payment as I was still recovering from not having a check for 4 wks. When I made the following months payment, I paid over $80 more than normal, to start catching up on the 1 month that I missed. However, toyota began calling me, telling me I owed them 2 months of payments!!! Where did my extension go?? I should have owed only 1 month! So after 3 wks on the phone with them, and numerous different answers, they told me the extension went to the March 30 payment. I told them that had already been paid, on April 2. They said no, they didn't recieve it. I faxed them a copy of my bank statement several times, showing the payment, and to this day, it has not been resolved. It's now Dec 11, and because of other bad luck I had recently, I am behind 2 months, and they say it's 3 months, and are coming to repossess my vehicle. I am wondering, what recourse do I have to get them to aknowledge the extension? I am not 3 months behind, only 2! Help!

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  • By
    byarb Jul 14, 2011

    I was behind in payments because I missed a lot of work during my pregnancy (bed rest at 27 wks until 35wks when I had an emergency c-section). I was finally able to catch-up on my payments, even spoke to a man that said "yep you are fine, all caught up". Next thing I know they are repossessing my car! I call Toyota Financial and I am told that the reason for the reposession is for $75.00 in late fees!!! $75.00!!! They repossessed my car for freakin $75.00! I will never work with Toyota Financial again!

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False contract agreements!

Okay I went into this dealer and was given a Toyota Tundra 06 for a price of 43,470 total if all payment...

Late payments difficulties

2006 I had fallen on hard times and made some late payments, October 2006 I had requested a deferment so that I can be caught up and start fresh. They accepted and not only willing to give me 1 month extension but offered me 2 month extension on the agreement I made a payment for September and the amount indicated due to me overpaying for 2 months in 05 that was actually suppose to be applied to principle and was not. An agreement was faxed for me to sign which was done and faxed back and indicated my next payment was 12/2/06 which was done and on time. Jan. Payment was late due to health reasons but I paid it online 1/19/07 and noticed it was not deducted from my acct. Tues. 1/23/07 my car was repossessed and when I called on 1/24/07 they said I owed 3 months, Nov, Dec. and Jan. I told them I paid dec. and have a deferment for Oct and Nov. and jan paid online. I was then told December payment went to Oct payment and they don’t see Jan. payment online and they never received the deferment agreement back from me which was faxed directly to a specific person and her fax. They told me they have called couple times in Dec. and once at my work on 1/10/07. I have never received any calls from them and no messages were left. They claim no one answered home phone or work phone I have voice mail in both places. They later claim that they can’t leave a message on a voice mail at my work unless its my personal voice mail which I told them it was they said they have no way of knowing that, and I told them my first and last name is on there. They tell my I can qualify to have my car re-instated If I pay 819.81 which are 3 months worth of car payment and $340.repo fee. And before they can accept payment I need to fax them copy of insurance and current pay stub which was faxed that day. I called later that day to follow up see if they received fax and was told know they did not receive, it was then faxed 2 more times and called an was told still not received and once they do receive it will take 48 hrs to have approved then when money is sent will take another 2 to 3 days how convenient because the storage of where you car is held is $35/per day from the time they pick your car up to the time you are able to pick your car up upon approval from Toyota and an appointment has to be made. 1/25/07 we faxed again making a total of 4x’s, we call and are still told no fax and sometimes takes 24 hrs for faxes to come thru. We ask to speak to a supervisor and was told no. We asked for a last name and was told they don’t have one but yet I have a first and last name for the person I faxed my agreement to and apparently no one has heard of her. The gentlemen became very rude and ignorant to us, everyone we spoke to was rude with the exception of one woman there who helped me get my car back but I still had to pay for all of it since they claim they never received that agreement. I even told them I spoke to someone in Nov. re: this deferment they told me all was fine and they have no record of that call. They have made it very difficult to get my car back and now 1/26/07 I was charged 4 days of storage total of $140.00 and the gentlemen told me he picked up 10 cars the night before and 3 of which was returned back. When I was with GMAC for 5 yrs I never experienced this problem.

  • Vi
    Victoria Nelson Jun 02, 2008

    I had almost the same thing happen to me re my 2004 Toyota Rav4.

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  • Jo
    John Dohm Dec 29, 2009

    I have had similar experiences with SouthEast Toyota Finance. I lost my job and can not make the $730 monthly lease payments. I hav e called asking about lowering the payments by lowering the interest rate (e.g., to the level being changed now) or extending the term of the lease and they simply can not be bothered.

    I too was with GMAC previously and found them to be considerate. I would recommend that one tries everything else before using them, or simply don't buy a Toyota.

    - John Dohm, Florida

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  • Ca
    Cathy - Louisiana Mar 09, 2010

    I have been unemployed and have tried working with Toyota Financial on getting an extension. I have spoken with several people in the organization and too have found them to be very rude, unhelpful. I have continued to try and work with Toyota Financial asking for an extension since I have just started a new job. I spoken to very rudely by one of the Customer Servive Reps who stated that unless I make my payment they would repossess my car. I tried explaining to the CS Agent that even while being unemployed I continued to make my payments so I cannot understand why they could not work with me until I can get my financial position in order. The CS Agent Rep. was rude, escalated his voice and was not willing to hear what I had to say. He further stated to me that my car would be repossessed tonight.
    My car is one of the Recall Cars and in fact I was driving the car 8 hours from my home for a job interview and experienced the increased acceleration problem. Due to this problem I was involved in an accident and have still been unable to get the car recall problems fixed because Toyota Delerships do not have the parts to fix the issue.
    We as Americans would think that with all of the problems Toyota is dealing with and the nondisclosure of the problems with these cars hey would be more than willing to work with the consumer.
    If we as Americans can bail out all of the Banks, Insurance Companies (AIG), with us the taxpayers money you think that our Government would help all of us in our moments of crisis. After all we are not responsible for the shape the economy is in and we certainly did not expect to be unemployed. Many of us are having to relocate to other States to find jobs.
    If all of the other car finance companies can work with the consumer why we can not get the same treatment from Toyota Financial.
    This is my first time buying a Toyota and once I am in a better financial position I can guarantee you if will be the last Toyota Car I ever plan on buying.
    The best is how many people have lost their lives because of the nondisclosure of the Toyota car defects.
    In closing you would think that not only would Toyota Financial, Toyota Motor and the Government be willing to step in and help "Bail" us the American Taxpayers out of this financial distress we are in due to the ecomnomy. Are we the Taxpaying workers who have found themselves in the worst financial crisis of their lives not given he same opportunity as many Americans who the Government is helping save their homes from being Foreclosed on due to non payment. President Obama is trying to pass some legislation that will dictate to the largest Mortgage/Banking Firms to prevent them from foreclosing on homes. What about Obama passing legislation to assist car owners from having their cars repossessed. After all President Obama is preaching that he palns on creating more jobs for the unemployed. That sounds great but how does he expect us the working class report to work if we have no transportation.
    If President Obama would like to see the unemployment rate go down he also needs to look at how allowing we the car owners to be able to keep our cars in order for us to work and stay off of the unemployment ranks.

    Cathy - Louisiana

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  • Us
    UsedToLikeToyota Aug 16, 2010

    I made my Toyota payment with online banking. Toyota claims they got the payment two days after my bank says they got it- just in time for Toyota to charge me a late fee. How convenient. I sent in my bank statement showing when the payment cleared and they still would not remove the late fee. The Toyota rep said my bank must deduct the payment in advance. Hmmm, what bank do you know that does that? I even got a written statement from my bank saying they don't do that. Really, Toyota?!?! Are you that desperate?

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  • 20
    2010PriusOwner Feb 24, 2011

    The obvious solution here is to simply not use Toyota's Finance Company. If you are unhappy with a lender simply refinance the loan with another lending institution. Preferrably a local Credit Union. They typically look out for the members as their reputation is far more important to them than simply making money.

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  • Ls
    L Sylve May 30, 2012

    Toyota Motor Credit is calling my job and sending me a certified letter to collect a debt on my ex spouse loan he signed only. My ex is court ordered to pay the car as a temporary judgment as my spousal support. He paid the loan as ordered initially by Judge but when the divorce was granted on 1-27-12 he decided he wasn't going to pay it anymore and told me it's my responsibility. We still havent went to court on the final decision on the community property...Toyota is sending me letters & he & his attorney calling my job asking for the car...Is this harrasment??????..I'm not even the co-borrower on the loan..I sent Toyota the temporary court documents where as it clearly states my ex is to pay for the car!!!...What can I do its n repo to be picked but I haven't turned it over to Toyota yet because of the judgment but has sent them the documents & waiting on Toyota atty's to respond to me!!! any suggestions??

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