Total Credit Recoveryharassing calls multiple times a day

TCR has been calling my home multiple times a day, seven days a week as early as 6:30-7 am even on the weekends and as late as 11 pm 7 days a week. They are calling for someone who does not even live here. The party they have a collection file against is not me nor do they live with me. I have told them repeatedly that they have the wrong number, that the person they are looking for doesn't live at this number but the calls persist and if I don't answer they call up to 10 times a day filling up my voicemail. Today I again explained to them they are calling the wrong number and the response was "we don't care. Unless the person we are calling for calls us and updates their contact info the calls will continue" word for word. So it is apparantly my job to track down and update contact information for the person they want money from. They are rude and hung up on me when I told them I was calling bell Canada and the better business bureau and filing a harassment complaint. He said "go right ahead" and I asked him why they feel it's ok to harass someone whom has nothing to do with the debt they are trying to collect he said "because we can and the calls will not stop. " I continued to try to reason with him and he hung up on me. I need these calls to stop. I am disabled and suffer from a degenerative debilitating illness and have a heart and lung condition and the stress of this harassment is negatively affecting my health. These people don't care if they kill me and leave my 2 boys without a mother. They harass threaten and bully me knowing full well I'm not the correct person and the correct person is not at this phone number. They refuse to stop this harassment.

May 02, 2017

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