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Total Cleanse/Extreme Acai Berry / unauthorized Withrawl

4650 SW 51rst St. Suite 711Davie, FL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 866-938-4832
I signed up for a free trial and this company has been withdrawn money from my account for 2 months for a product I did not order. They obtained my card number for shipping of trial samples of their product and although one account was closed- Acai Berry, they withdrew more money for Total Cleanse. Again, I did not order a monthly supply, just a FREE sample. This is not free.


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  7th of Dec, 2008
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  7th of Dec, 2008
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I also can't get in touch with anyone. Now I'm going to have to cancel my credit card. I received my Acai berry and the total cleanse but when it came time to cancel no one would answer the phone number. I was provided a web site that the phone number said to use for any customer service help, but that doesn't work either.
  9th of Dec, 2008
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I, too, fell for the "free trial" of these two products, acai-aSlim and Total Cleanse. I discovered my debit card had been debited for $84.95 by acai-aSlim. I was able to reach a customer service rep after being on hold for about 25 minutes. I was able to cancel any future orders, and she told me that it was very clear in the "purchase agreement" that is in tiny writing that half of the bottle was for free, but the other half wasn't. I told her that this company should put this in plain writing, not hide it in the service agreement. Supposedly my account will be credited once they receive the remainder of the acai-aSlim back, but we'll see. I sent it back yesterday. So, then I thought that I'd best get on the Total Cleanse order, or the same thing would happen. I called their customer service number at exactly 9am Eastern time. The first call got cut off, but I was able to reach a customer service rep. the second time I called(1-866-320-0068). In order to send this product back, you have to request and receive a Return Authorization Number, or they won't accept the package back. Fortunately, I caught this within the 15 day free trial period, but I am keeping a close eye on my account until they receive this.

This is a total rip-off!!!DO NOT order these products, I don't care what celebrity is saying it's great. It's expensive, it's a racket, so don't do it.

I feel foolish for being duped by these bogus companies.
  12th of Dec, 2008
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Hiding in the terms, is a total rewording/alteration of what is advertised on the site. You are NOT getting the deal advertised. You do not get the amount of time they promise, huge charges are being added that are mentioned NOWHERE except in the additional terms, they will be utterly uncaring of your plight. It is the equivalent of buying an advertised CADILLAC for $30, 000 but then getting an AMC GREMLIN and being charged $1 million!! All because your loan agreement had it written in the small print somewhere. If you complain or ask for help they tell you to pound sand with a smile in their voice. This should be dealt with harshly. The CSR at the 800 number was indignant and extremely arrogant, spending the entire time trying to justify that things hidden in the terms like that... is perfectly acceptable! Even used car salesman are not this deceptive. Here is the jist: THE 14-DAY FREE TRIAL BOTTLE YOU ORDERED COSTS $80 AND CAN ONLY BE REFUNDED IF YOU DIDN'T OPEN IT. Guess what? It just so happens that I never had the bottle for 14 days AND I never opened it... and STILL was not able to achieve a refund. SHE SAID THEY DO NOT ISSUE RMA's. Go figure. Despite a gazillion complaints their site is unchanged, further demonstrating their INTENTION to continue to steal your money through obfuscation and deception.

Don't try to figure it out, just STAY AWAY. BTW, if there is a "Rebuttal" above my complaint (like the their is above the other complaints about Acai-aSlim) saying the company wishes to clear things up??? believe me, it is meaningless lip service.
  17th of Dec, 2008
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  23rd of Dec, 2008
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I to fell pray to this scam, I had to call my credit card co to cancel total cleanse.This product is a rip and Acai slim is too .It's almost impossible to get a hold of these company's and I still get no answer from total cleanse.They have a disconnected no.
So beware, your better off going to a health store.
  30th of Dec, 2008
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For all of you out there that have been and are being scamed by Total Cleanse and Acai Berry & UMG and any others: Take the time and file a complaint with Better Business Bureau, Federal Trade Commission AND file a fraud report with your bank or credit card. Banks especially look very closesly at fraudulent charges.
Most important - close your bank card if you have used a credit card or debit/credit check card. Your bank can close the card down and leave your checking account alone. BUT, if you have given them your checking account #, close it immediately. Regions Bank was very understanding and helpful to me.
It was my own stupidity on Total Cleanse and Acai Berry. I do not know how the UMG (internet company) charges came about.
And if those three weren't bad enough, AT&T allowed charges on my phone bill for a company called OAN Services.
There are all sorts of scams out there. I have learned the hard way and I will never shop from an untrusted/unknown source on the internet again.
But you must do your part and file complaints or these companies will continue to get richer by scamming others.
Fortunately with enough ###, all monies have been refunded to me.
Good luck. Tennessee Girl
  6th of Jan, 2009
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UPDATE- It's been a month since I sent the Acai-aSlim back and I am still waiting for my credit card to be refunded. I called again today, and the woman I talked to tried to make it harder for me to get my refund. She said, "I need the tracking number from the Post Office." I told her I HAD the number, but she wasn't getting it, and I had already had it traced and they received the package back on December 12th. I then told her it's been much more than the 10-12 business days they claimed would be needed to refund. I flat out told her I want my refund and I want it NOW! I told her if it's not refunded this week, I will file a complaint with the BBB. She then said that she'd refund my credit card, but that it would take 3-5 business days. I told her they have already had 20 business days, and why has this not been done? I am really not trusting in anything these people say. I requested a confirmation number from her for the refund I am supposedly getting. She said I didn't need a confirmation number, and I said yes I do. She gave it to me. I'll update whether or not my cc is refunded. I am not holding my breath.
  10th of Jan, 2009
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NEWEST UPDATE- I am happy to report that, after 5 weeks, my credit card was finally refunded yesterday.

My advice is to be persistent because I am convinced that this company makes the return and refund process so difficult and daunting that they are hoping that their unsatisfied customers will simply give up. DON'T GIVE UP!!! Be persistent. It may take more than one phone call. They give you the run around. I was told in December that it would take 10-12 business days (which is BS nowadays with electronic banking)to refund my credit card. After 22 business days had passed, I called again and the operator was sarcastic, asking me how did they know if my shipment had been received? I knew it had because I'd sent it priority mail, which is traceable.

My further advice is, be persistent, be firm, but not angry. Anger will get you nowhere. I simply told this woman that I'd checked USPS site and I knew the package had been delivered on December 12th. I told her it's been more than a month and I want my money back. She finally agreed to refund my credit card and told me my card would be refunded within 3 business days(what happened to 10-12 business days?). On the 3rd business day, I got it. I am frankly surprised. If I hadn't gotten it by Monday, I would've filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. You can do this online on their website.

Be calm when talking to these agents. They are supposed to give you their name and their agent number when you talk to them. Write all this down, together with the date and time of your call. Keep all your paperwork handy so that you'll have everything you need to proove your case.

This company makes money off unsuspecting people who don't read the fine print of their terms. Then, they make it more difficult to get your money refunded even if you manage to cancel. At $84.95, I wasn't going to let it go.

Their number is 877-317-0189. Keep calling until you reach them. You may be on hold for several minutes. I have had more luck calling them first thing in the morning.
  11th of Jan, 2009
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I sort of fell for the acai berry scam a few months ago. Same deal, fine print signs you up for all kinds of pricey "special offers" and then the 15 day "cancel or we'll bill your card" thing.

Too bad for them I only use a pre-paid debit card when shopping online and only put money on the card when I intend to use it. I cancelled the acai within the 15 days (after being on hold for 25 minutes) but didn't even bother with the "special offers". They pinged my card - which had a grand total of $3 on it at the time - and got NOTHING.

I hope trying to get money from my card cost them a merchant's fee!

Anyone who orders anything online or by phone might find the pre-paid debit cards or the new "single use" pre-paid cards worth looking into.
  16th of Jan, 2009
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These stories are all too familiar... I as well ordered these great products..or so i thought. I have been able to reach the company(s) w/the number displayed with the charge n my creditcard Yes, after a long hold time I got somebody who claims there is no record of these charges taking place. As i explained to this operator that i was looking at the charges on my online banking account she proceeded to tell me otherwise and than hung up on me! Customer service my a**! I did contact my bank and reported the disputes and they advised me to go to www.myorderhelp.com. I was advised that this site was the only way people were getting the accounts canceled
  30th of Jan, 2009
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I ordered the acai and total cleanse. I ordered it a few days ago and received the acai today. I called to cancel and he told me I could not cancel and tried to offer it to me for 20 a bottle etc. I told him I WANTED to cancel and he said I could not cancel until FEB 10.m 2009. I found this site and felt REAL STUPID for falling for this scam. I figured it was a scam after the fact when I read some advertisement of HOLLY MILLER bradenton Florida. I took the end of the url off and there was another HOLLY MILLER from Bradenton florida boasting the white tea..same story..blah blah blah. RACHAEL RAY and OPRAH should also file a LAW SUIT for their name being used in this horrendous scam! After I got of the phone I went online to my CC account. I was PINGED 2 $1.00 charges TODAY. They must of done it when I was on the phone.. It said UMB. I reported my CC as LOST immediately online! Then I called my CC to tell the the story and she said KEEP it as lost they cannot charge anymore. I used a CC that was maxed out for this reason. I figured they couldn't take money out they could not get. NOW, what do I do regarding the CANCELLATION? I went to the website it says I do not have any orders out to cancel and they would not let me cancel on the phone.. JUST SAY FORGET IT? Are they going to try to bill me? This has to be stopped! WARNING...BUYER BEWARE!!!
  30th of Jan, 2009
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Adding to my previous comment. I called the acai company back and spoke with a man named Peter from INDIA. He said he canceled my account but I have to send the product back..but, I opened the darn thing! This is crap..anyways.. how do I know they canceled it and how do I know they will receive my product back AND...why should I have to pay to SHIP it back when I was supposed to get a trial??? They give you a bottle for 30 days but it is only supposed to be for 14 days and you are supposed to take the 14 days and if you don't like it return the rest..that is BULL!!! It is a big bait and switch bunch of BS!!! I have not received the total cleanse yet.. Oh gee I can't wait. Also, if you look on the bottle of the ACAI there is an * asterisk on the 2500 mg of acai and on the side of the label there is a disclaimer basically saying it is not approved and it might not be ACAI? WTF are we taking? I am still ticked about them PINGING my Credit Card for TWO 1dollar charges while I was on the phone with them. I brought that to Peter's attention and he said was not our company..blah blah blah blah all a bunch of BOLOGNA!!! BTW if you return the product you have to put their SPECIAL cancellation code on the envelope..and guess what it is...YOUR ORDER NUMBER with an RM before it. That proves you canceled it so they say...SCAM SCAM SCAM.. if you just ordered this report your CC LOST Or CANCEL it.. and GOD help you if you used your DEBIT BANK CARD!!!
  30th of Jan, 2009
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Ok, I just pulled my online Credit card account again. The pending I had earlier was for ONE acai charge and ONE total cleanse charge and the TWO one dollar pings. They doubled it. I will copy and paste. 01/27/2009 pending EASYBODYDETOXONLINE $5.95
01/27/2009 pending MY ACAI OFFER $4.99
01/27/2009 pending EASYBODYDETOXONLINE $5.95
01/27/2009 pending MY ACAI OFFER $4.99
01/30/2009 pending UMG*SERVICES $1.00
01/30/2009 pending UMG*SERVICES $1.00

This is so unbelievable!
  31st of Jan, 2009
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READ ALL THEIR DISCLAIMERS and go way to the bottom!

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