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Toshiba / sold us a defective tv

1 Houston, United States Review updated:

Sept 17 2008 my tv just stop working. I called conn's (Repair dept.) & was instructed to call toshiba. Called toshiba & set up an appointment. The service agent but the part would be more then a week. I told him that i purchased an extended warranty from conn's & was told by the salesperson at the time of purchase that if we had any problems they would switch out our tv no questions asked. The toshiba agent suggested to call conn's since we paid for this extended warranty. I called conn's on sept 19 & told them what the toshiba agent told me. They said "oh no we don't replace the tv we have to come out at least 3 times & then we will replace it" that's why its better you go through us then toshiba so we can document the service calls. So i placed the service call & was told he would be out on sept 22 between 2 - 4. Juan showed up sometime after 4. This would be the start of many inconsistencies by conn's. Juan (Conn's authorized agent) shows up & i let him know exactly what toshiba's service agent said the problem was. He said no that's not the problem you have a defective pcb the main frame computer of the tv its not rebooting. He said he would place an order for the new part & he should have it in 3 - 5 business days. I called conn's & let them know what juan had told me & asked if i could use a loaner tv because i was also told by the repair dept. That its up to the manager on this. They informed me they did not have any available i was just going to have to wait it out. So on fri 26th i called to find out if the part was in. I was told no. On mon 29th i called no part, & finally tues 30th the part was in. Now mind you i was told by service tech & the warranty dept. That i would hear from them when the part came in. But, who was calling who? I was calling them! I set up the 1st available date which was thurs oct 2. They told me that the service agent would call me between 730 - 9 am & let me know what time to expect him. I did not receive a call & called that morning after 9. The person who answered the phone in the repair depart said the service agent was not answering his phone & he did not know what time he was due out here, but he would keep calling him. Finally around 10:30 i got a call from juan & he said he would be out there between 2 - 4. He arrives at 4 & replaces the pcb board. He puts the board in & takes it out, puts it in & takes it out. Then he closes up the tv & said "this is not working they sent me a defective board" i say how is that possible you just ordered it from the manufacture. He said "it is possible especially with toshiba" i say well that is not good at all. First we get a defective pcb main computer frame when we have only have the tv for 5 months now, & then you order a new one directly from the manufacture & its defective again. I said that does not make me feel good at all. He said "well that's toshiba" i said they send out defective parts, & he said "yeah" he then said he would expedite the new part & call us he has not called! I called conn's on the 2nd of oct. & wanted to speak to a manager because when we purchased this tv we were sold a warranty repair that we paid an extra two hundred & fifty dollars. What has it done for us?!I was told that christina was the manager of this depart & that she was in a meeting. I said could you please leave a message for her to call me back, i was told yes. 30 minutes later i called again & was told the same thing she was in a meeting & she would call me back. I waited. At 5:50 i called & was told by maria that christina was gone for the day. I asked her to let me speak to someone over that depart because that was very unprofessional of christina to leave without returning her messages. Maria put me on hold & then she disconnected me. I tried calling back but only to get a recording stating that the warranty repair depart was closed for the day. On friday morning oct 3. I made an early call to the warranty repair depart & was told that christina was unavailable she was working on commissions. I told the agent i needed to speak to a supervisor. I was sent to ruby (Who said shes the supervisor of that depart) . I explained to ruby my perdicament & as i was talking to ruby she put me on hold twice. Which i thought was very rude, & very unprofessional. She told me that conn's would not replace my tv & that it has nothing to do with them coming out 3 times. She said it depends on the cost, if we start costing them more then the tv's worth they would replace it. Wow! Now that is the 4th answer i have gotten on how the warranty works. Ruby told me she would personally look into this problem & speak to juan & call the parts depart to have them expedite this part for me. She also assured me that christina would be calling me back. I waited half the day fri & did not hear back from juan, ruby or christina. So i called conn's customer service maybe i could get help there. The agent heard me out, & filled out an "esclated complaint form". She said what happens now is that it goes to customer service management & they call you back within 24hrs or christina will call you back. I waited the rest of friday for juan, ruby, christina, & now a customer service manager to call me back. Nothing! On saturday while driving from my sons football game to my daughters track meet. I called customer service again & talked to pat. She looked up my account & said. It looks like they ordered the part & it should be in on the 10th. Wait a minute that is not expediting anything. That is even longer then the first time they ordered the part. I said i want this tv replaced. I do not feel comfortable with the main computer frame not working, & your service agents comment " its known for toshiba to send out defective products" she said she would re - send the email & have someone from customer service management call me. Nothing! Today mon oct 6. 20 days later. I called customer serive again! I was told they would send a second esclation form & i should be expecting a call. Yes you guessed it, no call! I do not know where to turn anymore. This is my first experience with conn's, & i tell you what it will be my last. I will also tell everyone i know about how poor thier customer service is. They could careless about you or following thier own procedures. I will tell them do not buy an extened warranty from conns, it does not do you any good. Can anyone help us, and how can a company continue to sell defective products. I want a new tv!!!

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  • Va
      28th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes
    Toshiba - Awful everything
    United States

    The battery life on the Toshiba A60 is terrible, even from new. The memory and overall computer is very poor. I paid nearly £700 for this laptop a couple of years ago and it has been nothing but trouble, I cannot tell you how much important work I have lost!

  • Al
      24th of Dec, 2014
    0 Votes
    Toshiba - Toshiba Service Centre
    Kuala Lumpur

    I really upset with the team of technician & service centre of Toshiba KL (ref: Job NO.1412-03119)

  • Jo
      3rd of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes
    Toshiba - Defective computer
    Office depot
    1423 Fourth Ave
    United States
    Phone: 206-748-9777

    My husband and I purchased my mother-in-law her first laptop as a Christmas present, much to our surprise it was not working. Unfortunately she did not let us know and once we found out she was having problems we tried to bring it back since it was only less than 6 weeks old. We found out that she would have to go to the manufacturer to get things settled. We were extremely disappointed because we were told that we should have bought the protection plan, we do have the year warranty protection, but that was not enough. Apparently, office depot wants you to buy the protection plan in encase you happen to purchase a defective computer, makes things easier on their end. We didn't know we needed to buy the protection plan despite being sold a defective product.

    However, despite hearing this information we were met by a RUDE MANAGER named WADE. He wouldn't even listen to my husband voice his complaints, no eye contact and appeared annoyed that we were wasting his time. Finally he said he would have his service "guy" take a look at our computer, but all he did was look at the receipt and told us nothing could be done, they just wanted us to leave the store and so we did very disatisfied. We live so close to this Office Depot and I will never step into this place again. Thanks for making our Christmas present such a disaster to a wonderful mother in law, this is her first experience having her own laptop, and you ruined it.

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