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Topface Dating Site / Scamming

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I have complained about this topface dating site, about the scammers that use stolen photos of men and women and their families. The scammers have threatened me and my family they do nothing. I psot under the photos of scammers and now the bar me from doing that. I dont lie i produce evidence on these scammers and still they do nothing. They have a photo a major general harold greene the soldier was killed 8 - 14 - 14. The scammer is using the photos of greene and using his name and other names and he threatened me and my life and they did nothing they say it was solved. How??? This is the worse dating site i have ever been on. . They have rules, not seeing your face on a photo but continue to allow scammers to use stolen photos. Something needs to be done about this site. I said to them i was going to the fcc or cnn and they barred me. I was paying and now im not thanks. If needed i can get proof

Sep 11, 2014
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  • Th
      4th of Oct, 2012
    topface - paid for vip status but never got
    312 S. Washington St.
    United States

    i paid the 10 dollers for the vip status and have never recieved it

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  • Ka
      5th of Dec, 2014

    This site is full of SCAMMER AND MORE SCAMMERS !!! I HAVE BEEN ON THIS SITE FOR 3 weeks now and have spotted 90% are scammers ... I have complained daily with the LINK THAT GIVES THEM PROOF as them being scammer .. A lot of them are very well known ... I am on day 10 of daily reporting and THERE STILL ACTIVE AND ONLINE !!! IT ONLY TAKES THEM MINUTES TO TAKE YOIR MONEY, but to REPORT A SCAMMER AND HAVE ANYTHING DONE IS REALLY LACKING ON THE SAFETY ISSUE !!! DO NOT JOIN THIS SITE !!! WORST SITE EVER !!!

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  • Ma
      23rd of Jan, 2015

    I I paid $10.00 for VIP status on Jan.18 and as of today still have not received the coins. I had tried several times to contact customer service for top face to no avail so am hoping that this will help me to get this problem solve.

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  • Wh
      7th of Mar, 2015

    It's true, Topface is full of scammers!!
    I have brought this to the attention of the customer service reps but each attempt falls on deaf ears. In fact, I have viewed the same person on Topface 6 times with 6 different user names and the user happens to be a known scammer who appears within numerous online scammer sites, I've pointed this out to Topface but she keeps showing back up.
    Over the course of my 5 weeks on Topface I have yet to actually meet anyone who isn't a scammer??

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  • Br
      23rd of May, 2015

    i was banned, but am wondering why am i still receiving notifications?my profile should just be deleted.

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  • Ta
      8th of Feb, 2016

    A friend pointed out i was on topface dating site, I did not join nor even heard of this site. I went to it and it has a old picture from facebook, my email, my age, and city all from facebook im assuming .Nothing else is on there that is personal or filled in!!! I can only get to it through facebook, so i would like to put in a serious complaint of this problem that has happened to me. It has broken up my relationship, and i want someone accountable for this complete violation of me and an explaination of how this happened!! I hope you take this matter seriously, because i will keep up my efforts about this until i get some answers!!!

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  • Jo
      10th of Jul, 2016

    This site is full of scammers. Whatever you do, DON'T send money to anyone.

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  • Mi
      1st of Jan, 2019

    @Jose Zamlut Jose
    So met girl topface. Last month Dec 28th.As we speak off and on on Hangout. She needs new phone food for 300 or whatever I can give. I did neither one. She wants too me meet . Iam in San Gabriel Ca near Los Angeles she in Miami Florida. I was willing too pay her flight. She says send her money through Bitcoin wallet. I called bit coin. They said it legit. However I looked online there are Bitcoin wallet scanss. It goes too persons address. So how do I know for sure this girl is scamming me ? What truck questions can I ask too know for sure ?

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  • Ti
      29th of Jun, 2017

    am so glad that i read all the complaints i have been on topface off and on but never paid out any money because i have had experiences in the past with scammers asking me for money online lol i don't think so A person should be wise enough to never send money to someone they have never seen nor met in person the topface thing has just recntly become really strange it was right after i closed down my face book account because Facebook is run by people who are known to have ties with the muslim world MZ is the American way of life but sucks up the money i could go on about the truth behind what i have found out in the past 5 years even local dating sights are all about the money and a person walks away with their pockets empty and no love in their life while the crooke walk away with the cash hiding behind a computer and fund terrorism wake up America ! all i can say is maybe join the sight called[ StopScammers] as far as love ai have learned to trust God to bring my wife to me not some scamming dating sight. Be Aware that they are using girls to lure in men and vise/verse i have one last girl now who is asking 300 bucks for tampons LOl Get Real you can't snow this man.

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  • De
      3rd of Sep, 2017

    Topface is the worst dating site. I cannot even call them a dating site. U can never meet any genuine person on it. Their central focus is money/subscription; and if u make the mistake of subscribing, it's still the same thing. U won't meet anyone. I subscribed and tried as much as I can to meet someone; I drew blank. And in desperation, I gave my email/contact to a few ladies that seem to respond to me; it ended up that they was Topface team and they was upset with me that I was giving out my details. I told them how I felt about their fake site. They barred me for life from that 'Godforsaken' site. I never went back. If anyone does business with them; u do so at your own risk. Save some money. There is a lot of free, genuine dating sites.

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  • Re
      5th of Jun, 2018

    I want to report a scammer in Topface, Gladys Wilson.. Never ever send her money...She lives in Monroe in Michigan...

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  • Mi
      23rd of Sep, 2018

    This girl is called ylia in Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine she is a scammer her account must be block now else I will write negatively about topface on other social media
    I sent a copy of her credit card and phone number

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  • Ka
      25th of Mar, 2019

    SCAM SCAM SCAM, RIBBING MACHINE SITE, full of scammers, all girls I chatted with, theirs mobile number is in another state, and number never worked, and when u ask to video chat they said theirs mobile camera not working and they are using to chat on laptop which cam doesn't work either, and most of them parents died and they are orphans and need financial help, or at least to buy a mobile to be able to video chat, be ware guys, mafia site, organized by MAFIA which should be reported to FBI

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