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Placed and order for "docooler X2T True Wireless Bluetooth 4.2 In-ear Stereo Sport Headsets" on October 18, 2017. Order arrived in a fairly reasonable amount of time. Package arrived in good condition. Ear pieces will turn on and connect to each other, then will not even show up to pair with any devices - Android or iPhone - Even after using a bluetooth scanner - there is no bluetooth signal to sync with.

Contacted Customer support and they got back with me fairly quickly the first time - with a large list of questions (that all had been answered in detail in my initial contact). I answered them again. They then demanded I take and upload to youtube or other site a video of me turning them on and trying to connect to my iPhone, which I reluctantly did. Each step according to their repeated instructions are captured on the video ( I was told that after I submitted the answers and video link, they would submit to their "engineers" to evaluate. After several days elapsing, I sent another email. I finally heard back to "please wait 72 hours, as the information I provided had been submitted to engineers".

I heard back today that the engineers determined the problem and included the same exact instructions I had followed over a dozen times - and demonstrated on the video submitted.

I have submitted a complaint/claim with PayPal. I'm done with TomTop. They are trying everything they can to get out of being responsible for their defective products.

Nov 15, 2017

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