Tomtop Grouptomtop order bn17e17s1847-bedtkh

I want to cancel this order and get my money back as soon as possible. I have already ordered from another online store because I received message from support center which means this product has been stopped. You can see down the copy of support message :

Hi customer,

So sorry for this inconvenience.
The item rm6119, rm6118 stops production. Could you pls kindly make other items for an exchange or how about refund?
Hope for your understanding.


  • Updated by mohwally · May 18, 2017

    I received message to my email from support center that my order has been stop production.

    (TOMTOP ORDER BN17E17S1847-BEDTKH item stops production)

    i hope to get refunded as soon as possible because I have to order new ccw and cw motors for phantom 3.
    How long i have to wait to get my money back?

    Faithfully yours
    Mohamed mousa

May 18, 2017

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