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Toms River Transmissions


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Toms River Transmissions
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After receiving (late) a "rebuilt" transmission from J.R. at Toms River Transmissions the real problems began. First off, don't be as stupid as I was and pay via check in advance as J.R. requires. They won't accept a credit card, (where you can dispute charges for defective products), and now I know why.

My transmission was professionally installed but operated properly for all of 10 miles, (3rd gear failed). J.R. the Toms River owner refused to consider a refund, sending a replacement, covering shipping or any other costs to remove/return/reinstall the bad transmission. J.R. refused to acknowledge responsibility.

J.R. defaulted to his "no excpetions" process of sales. He hides behind slick terms of sale provisions hidden deep within his web sit. He asserts that as a buyer you are bound by those terms even if you were never on his site, or agreed to anything. Take legal action? "my attorney, who is also my sister looks forward to it" was his written reply.
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D  11th of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
Our Better Business Bureau rating of B+ tells you the impressive reputation of this company. We strive to solve all problems with customers and tried to do so in this case.

The customer was to return the transmission to be inspected, under the terms of the warranty, but refuses to do so. There is no way we can determine any problem without opening up and inspection the transmission internally. Without doing this we can not even determine if there is a transmission problem. He wants us to accept his opinion and HIS mechanic's opinion its an internal problem with the transmission. Perhaps it is, but we need to inspect the transmission to confirm this.

Many outside factors can cause a transmission not to function properly. Computer related, wireharness, bad ground and improper installation are some of these factors. Proper procedure in installing the transmission is just as inportant as a proper rebuild. Converter must be installed properly, cooling lines must be completely flushed as well as other factors can cause problems to the transmission.
Without inspection the transmission we can't even be sure there is a transmission problem. Perhaps the customer want to keep a working transmission and also get his money back.
Having an attorney in the family helps conciderably in dealing with such problems. I am very proud of this and we talk often on many matters.
As for credit cards there are many scams on the internet concerning them. We once delivered a transmission, paid by stolen credit card, and lost both the funds and transmission. We will not get burned again.
I look forward to my day in court and telling the judge, we were never given a chance to inspect the transmission to determine if there even was a problem to begin with.
Toms River Transmission
N  3rd of May, 2011 by    0 Votes
Having been stuck with the defective Toms River Transmission with the cost to remove and ship back and forth exceeding the cost, I purchased a transmission from another provider. Feeling that I had been "taken" I had a local transmission shop evaluate the Toms River Product. They told me all I had purchased was a low quality "repair and pray" product. My "rebuilt" transmission had numerous worn out parts and was basically junk. I communicated this information to Tom's River Transmission and offered to supply all the documentation. They have never replied and I have now filed a complaint with Ocean County Consumer Affairs.
N  3rd of May, 2011 by    0 Votes
Since we have been servimg the Toms River area, including all of Ocean County for the last 15 years, we also have spoken to Consuner Affairs, and this customer seems to be the only one to complain that his transmission was never rebuilt. Our reputation speaks for itself.
I wonder what that says about this customer?
If you take into account the many transmissions we have rebuilt and the one's we have shipped over the years, these complaints are less than half of one percent.
Toms River Transmissions
D  5th of May, 2013 by    0 Votes
My transmission also failed. 2, 000 miles. . I personally picked up the transmission at a storage unit, ‘” The Specialist” location. It was installed professionally. Here is my story: My son, a college in upstate N.Y. had no other choice to bring his Pontiac Grand Prix to a repuatable AMMCO transmission dealer in Albany New York. They lowered the pan and seen a massive amount of filings and had a shift code. We contacted Toms River Transmissions, and then two days later, I was told that the warranty was void because the transmission pan was lowered. At this point I knew that I was ripped off. The cost to have the transmission removed and transported to the” The Transmission Specialist” and to have been told the warranty was void was not an option. I decided to have the transmission repaired at AMMCO, after a complete breakdown of components we were told that a thrust spacer was missing causing the inner bearing to grind and making the metal filings, and clogging the shifter sensors. Be careful what you buy from this guy, he don’t take credit cards for a reason!
A  30th of Aug, 2013 by    0 Votes
I have purchased a transmission from toms river.
When called about it not going in reverse and not shifting into over driver, was told that's not their problem because the old trany wasn't sent back to them. They are a rip off and I will not be buying from them again.
A  26th of Feb, 2014 by    0 Votes
i also got a toms river transmission it was the wrong trans.for my truck and JR said that i ordered the wrong trans and if i would like to pay for the right one he would be happy to build me another one for $1200.00 more
N  25th of Apr, 2014 by    0 Votes
Sounds like a standard mode of operation for this rip-off business. We ordered a "rebuilt" transmission and received a piece of junk that didn't work, period. Tranny didn't shift and made a loud grinding noise when vehicle in motion. Toms River Transmission rep said, send it back and we'll look at it, at your own cost. We took the tranny to a repair shop and are having it rebuilt for $1600. Their were no new parts in the TR trans. Buyers beware, stay away from this scam or possibly suffer the same experience.
A  27th of Jan, 2015 by    -1 Votes
wish i would have read these complaints before i ordered mine guess i joined the JR shaft club he got me too wish there was a way to red flag his web site so this wont happen to others he is a sorry sorry business man
N  18th of Feb, 2015 by    0 Votes
With over 3000 rebuilt transmissions delivered, a handful of bad reviews hardly gives an accurate picture to the truth.
A handful; of unsatisfied customers does not tell the whole story. These same people put the same stories across other websites like this to make it appear that there are many complaints concerning this business.
Fact is some complaints are 10 years old and a handful compared to the 3000 delivered over a ten year period speaks for itself of the many satisfied customers who have done business with us over the past 10 years.
Thank you
A  18th of Mar, 2015 by    0 Votes
Wish I would have seen this complaint board before purchasing from J. R. Less than 1, 000 miles on transmission and reverse gear failed. Paid to have shipped back to have him tell me it isn't covered under warranty because it was a hard part failure. LESS THAN 1, 000 MILES, NOT COVERED. If I ran my business like this I couldn't sleep at night. I do everything I can to keep my customers happy to guarantee return business.
Lesson learned, pay the extra to get product from a rebuttable local transmission specialist.
N  18th of Mar, 2015 by    0 Votes
Without a doubt, that transmission was abused. The reverse planetary just exploded. That does not happen with normal wear an tear on the transmission.
Sometimes all the facts need to be heard.
N  27th of Jun, 2015 by    0 Votes
Check the year of the complaint and consider the thousands of satisfied customers we have over that same time span and you will get an accurate account of the quality of our work.
Toms River Transmission
N  17th of Aug, 2016 by    0 Votes
I recently purchased a 4r70w transmission as well as an HD torque converter for the extra warranty, from Toms River Transmission "specialists". So it is understood, there was a brand new radiator and transmission cooler as well as new lines which were all flushed with the correct tranny fluid to remove any manufacturering remains. Upon reciept of the transmission it was dirty and greasy. It was installed and from the first test drive the transmission had no 3rd gear or 4th gear (od). Ther ewere no codes. I called them and they told me to take it to a professional transmission shoip to read for codes, I did and still no codes. I was then told to drop the pan and replace the shift solenoids which I did, and check the shift servos, which I did. Still no 3rd or 4th gear. I also informed them that when I dropped the pan, as they told me to, that it was full of black silt. The only options they gave me after following all of their steps was to pull the transmission, pay to ship it to them, I was informed that they had several builds in front of mine so no way to tell me how long it would take, but when they figured out the problem they would let me know what it would cost and then I could have it shipped back. I suggested I ship it back and they give me a refund he said they dont do business that way, so I said then send me a good transmission and I will send you the bad one you sent, he said they dont do business that way. They do not honor any type of warranty nor do they work with you once they have your money. They are crooked and are theifs that have no clue how to build or rebuild a transmission apparently. This company is a predator and will steal your money and not care one bit. They look forward to any lawsuits as they have access to an attorney. This was for a 16yr old girls first vehicl. These men have no decency in fair business. I will find recourse.
D  21st of Aug, 2016 by    0 Votes
On july 17 2016 we sent toms transmission j.r 1250 dollars for transmission ford 04 ford ranger, he said 7 days, we waited 2 weeks, nothing, we called he said bell housing was cracked, still no transmission, so we asked for a refund, he said o.k, 2 weeks later we got a chech for 1150 dollars, he said he kept a100 dollars for restocking, something he never sent, this is a total rip off, going to write atty general, and better business, don't buy from this scam gut, Brenda and tom

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