TNT Holdings / luminaires from greece order cai 937208 for ppwk - cxl | order cai 937206 for goods - awb# [protected]

Alexandria, Egypt
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Dear Sirs,
Was my first time to deal with TNT Egypt . They had not bad presentation about their services and they were so frankly when they declared that they are good in shipment but very bad in customs clearance so they advised me to clear any orders on my own way.Accordingly i accepted as i have a benefit that me as a diplomatic case i take advantage that i have fees exception.
Thankfully, under your direction we had couple of shipment reached safely and we cleared them .
Now, my last order (Luminaires from Greece Order CAI 937208 for PPWK -CXL || Order CAI 937206 for goods - AWB# [protected] ) had been released and asking me to pay the customs fees !!!The reason that the order was released in night shift !!! what am i suppose to do.!!!
It has been 2 months now and nothing is solved although i have supported the team with all documents needed to finalize their work with the customs !!! ... now we are bearing all penalties we are paying for the shipment late because of your bad system. Why you have custom cleared it and you know that you are weak in such branch...

Please advice as this was the first time to face such problems that i never faced with other companies.

Dec 16, 2018

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