Tlg*great Fun / scam!!!

Watch out!!! This company has managed to scam me for almost a year. At first I didn't think anything of an $11.99 charge on my credit card for a month or so...I figured my husband charged something. Then it showed up a couple of more months and I asked him about it but it didn't ring a bell. Finally I called my bank to find out where the charge was coming from. I was advised it was coming from some internet based service/company and was provided the 800# to call. The rep @ TLG was incompetent, gave incorrect information and informed me I signed up for this via!! I had booked a hotel room on Priceline last year but did not click on anything else, agree to anything other than the price of the hotel and that was it!! I have always made it a point to read the fine print and to not 'click' on pop ups or ads for 'special incentives or bonuses' because I was afraid of this very thing happening. Well guess didn't matter because they got me anyway! DO NOT BOOK TRIPS/HOTELS WITH PRICELINE--if you do BEWARE! I had to go through a fight to even get 4 months worth of credits when those jerks double charged me for 2 months after thoroughly reviewing my bank statements. I was provided a fax # and mailing address to send a challenge for the remaining credits owed. I doubt I will ever see the rest of my $$ but as long as it is cancelled and I never hear from these people again I will just have to live with it and suck up the loss.

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