TLG ID Secure$139.99 withdrawn from my account


I had purchased a PediPaws toe nail grinder for canines approximately 2 years ago. I have just recently been receiving checks for $5.00 from TLG. The first check received, i did not read the "fine print" and deposited it. I thought it was an account refund. This was a very big mistake, because since then I have received two more checks (not deposited). I have read the small print and it states that if deposited, you agree to purchase a membership to ID Secure. I just now found this out in my account. I will make contact with company on Monday moring and attempt to get my money back. This makes purchasing items on the internet so unsafe. Shame on them for their practices!! I hope they do not sleep at night. That is no way to conduct business, at all. I will be contacting the Better Business on Monday as well.

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