Tire Kingdomincomopetent mecahnic / possible fire situation

As you know, I came Tire Kingdom, on 04/21/2014. I went there for a simple oil change and a routine fuel filter change. It took 3 hours to complete. During the time frame 04/21/2014 to 04/30/ 2014, my fuel economy went from about 18 MPG to about 10 MPG. The Check engine light also came on. I thought it was a fluke since no obvious problems occurred but a fuel odor.

While driving around Atlanta Georgia, I stopped at a Mc Donalds. When I came out of the Mc Donalds there was a bout a 4 foot ring of fuel underneath my 2001Bravada. I didn’t know if was from the previous vehicle. My vehicle had a higher content of a fuel fumes. I have had three back surgeries but was able to get under the vehicle. I noticed the plastic fuel filter retaining bracket was missing and fuel was squirting out with the engine running.

After several hours H-Q Auto Repair that was able to help. The proper fuel filter bracket, that your mechanic threw away, would take about 5 days to get in stock, at a GM Dealer. I didn’t think your company wanted to provide me a hotel, food and a car for 5 days, as discussed with Mr Nolan. It was determined to fix the vehicle, replace the fuel line and fuel filter and make the vehicle so I can make it to Michigan and get repaired properly, as discussed with Mr Nolan. This temporary repair took over 5 hours.

I was able to drive the vehicle home to my house Highland Michigan. It has sat for the last week. I do have a son who is a Captain in the Army home on leave. Due to the timing of this of the repair I missed a whole day of being with my son. This is all because of the incompetence of your employee. I was a General Supervisor in Prototype Engineering for GM as well as taught technical classes. This whole issue was inexcusable.

AS discussed, I want a original GM Fuel filter / brake line bracket assy reinstalled within 15 miles of my house, at your cost. For my inconvenience, I want to total of $92.56 refunded to my credit card. That was the total cost for one hour labor and the cost of a third world defective cheap fuel filter. One hour to change a fuel filter, really!!

I went through over 4 tank of gas that should have been less then 2 tanked en-route to Georgia. I also demand two tanks of fuel at about $55 per tank. I was spraying / loosing fuel form the time your mechanic installed the defective fuel filter was installed to 4/30/2014, according to my MPG.

Due to the Check Engine coming on shortly after the installation of the defective fuel filter ANY problem with my “fuel system” will be repaired at your companies cost. All of the rear brake lines and the fuel filter were dangling and exposed to excessive vibrations. You don’t just throw out “rusty plastic parts.” Tire Kingdom is supposed to give the owner all parts taken off the vehicle, minus core exchanges. My vehicle could have blown up. There are several Federal Laws, FDOT, GDOT, National Highway Traffic Safety and other associations typically impose large fines to companies that allow this, that I have dealt with. I can’t imagine the fall out of contacting the media over this! If this is not resolved I will go public with this safety issue about your corporation.

I am filling a complaint against your mechanic and manager with the licencing Board of Florida. You cannot just throw out any safety related brackets that hold the fuel line and brake lines stable to the side rail. It has been over 6 weeks and no settlement!!

Jun 17, 2014

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