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Noticed a nice tablet on sale on tiny deal.

opened up their live support chat window and confirmed stock availability and price.

went out at 1:30 am to purchase a pre-paid card.

when i came back to place my order the price had more than tripled.
I once again went into chat and spoke with a rather rude advisor who not answer any questions and would only say the price changed. after an hour he transferred me to the first agent i had spoke with. he advised that yes he had infact confirmed the price for me, but after chatting with me he felt the price was too low so he spoke with his "colleagues" and had the price changed.

I explained this is a violation of the Consumer protection act and that they would need to fulfil the order. they of course refused. I saved the chat transcript showing that the advisor had agreed that the original price was changed at his request AFTER agreeing on a price with me. at 4:am in the morning i had had enough. I requested the contact info for their legal dept(my Father is an attorney) and i would pursue this through other channels. they advised they do not have a legal team. their own site has a faq with the terms and conditions including legal documents.

When i advised them that they would have to have a legal dept to operate a website internationally they once again said Nope, we have no legal dept and there is no one who you can speak with.. instead he game me an email address to which i have not received a reply.

This is unethical and in my country illegal.

This was supposed to be a xmas gift for my wife.

so much for that.

never will i Order from here and as i previously stated I will protect my rights as a consumer and if i have to i will File in Court and see how far we get. after all I have the chat transcripts and was smart enough to screenshot the page with the listed price.

What reputable company gives a price, then changes their mind and implies it is the consumers fault for not realizing the price would be changed behind closed doors.


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