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TinyDeal / They don't follow their refund policy

1 Shenzhen, China
Contact information:

In short:
When I got the phone, I wasn't satisfied.
It's not compatible with north american 3g cellular networks.
I followed the "Return Unsatisfied Products" policy (found at, and asked for a FULL REFUND, as stated in the policy.
I have contacted the company through email, and was asked to send the phone over to them. I did it on my expense.
emails went back and forth since, and I asked for the refund at least 5 more times.
They didn't refund. lately they even stopped replying to the emails.

More details:
I have ordered this phone (order # 8270065703610001894816) on 7/22/2016. I received it on 8/28/2016.
I then discovered that the phone doesn't support Canadian 3G networks (and other US networks, as well). Unfortunately, it is not designed to support those networks. That put my as an unsatisfied customer.
I went to their site (, and found the following policy:

"Return Unsatisfied Products

If you are unsatisfied with the items you purchased, then just return it within 5 days of receipt for a full refund or an exchange. If the defection is not a result of our fault, customers will be required to cover shipping costs both ways.
And please make sure the items you send back to us is in the original packaging, and the merchandise is in the same and good condition.
The return address and shipping fee, please contact our CS staff to further confirm it."

I have completely followed this procedure, and sent everything in the original packaging by the first week of Sep-2016.
I have notified their CS with a copy of the shipment note I got at Canada Post, and asked for the refund (again).
A few weeks later I got a notification that the phone was received. I was asked (again) to describe the "problem" with the phone. I asked again for the refund, since I didn't report any damage. I am just unsatisfied.
a few weeks later, I got the phone back from them
Then they started different tactics, that varied from ignoring my requests, offering me a "compensation" of 20$, asking me to sell the phone locally, or saying that they can't refund me since they don't have the device.
At that point I replied that I am not sending the phone again on my expense. I will resend the phone right after I'll see the refund, including one shipment cost.
Then they just disappeared.
I even tried to call the phones they have in their site. In their "about us" page (see at, at the bottom, they have these phones:
Chinese company's contact information:
Tel: (+[protected]

American company's contact information:
Tel: [protected]

The Chinese company doesn't answer, even during weekdays local work hours, whereas the American company phone led me to the IRS automatic answering service.

here's a quote from an email I sent them, that summarizes their behavior regarding this matter.
It wasn't the last one, but it summarizes the past negotiations with them.
the email was sent on Nov-22, after they claimed to have missed my previous mail with the refund request:
"To: 'TinyDeal Direct (menglin)'
Subject: RE: FW: fxj-11083223, Received Returned Item #8270065703610001894816, GC6570361

Dear Elena,

The request for refund was repeated several times during our case.
For some of the emails you even replied, which means that you got the refund request!!!

According to my local times:
The 1st time I asked for full refund was on Aug-29. You replied on Aug-30.
The 2nd time I asked for it was on Sep-2nd. You replied on Sep-3rd.
The 3rd time I asked for it was on Sep-5th, after I shipped it back to you. You didn’t reply.
The 4th time I asked for it, was on Oct-23. It was a reply to your mail from Oct-22.
In that mail you asked me to tell you again what is the problem with the phone, because you have to tell the manufacturer.
You must have received this mail, in order to tell the factory what’s wrong with it. Otherwise they couldn’t do any effective fix.

So, If I ask for the same thing 4 times, and you saw it at least 3 times (including the last one), I think that should have been enough.
I still want the full refund. Consider this request as the 5th time.

I didn’t test the “fixed” phone, and I don’t see a reason to do it. I have a new phone, and the fixed one is not suitable for me. As I said before, regarding this phone I am simply “not satisfied”, and you should treat me according to this protocol.

In addition, as I mentioned in my previous message, I already paid 51$ just to send it to you in September, and I’m not paying for another shipment.
I also don’t want to spend any effort or time to resell the phone locally, and I also don’t know what price I could get for it. So, I don’t think that this is an acceptable option.

I wish also to mention once more that I am a long term loyal customer of your site.
Resolving this matter to my satisfaction, will certainly mean more business for you in the future.

My suggestion to you is:
a. You refund me immediately, 219 CAD.
in return, I will not tell this story on any social network.
b. If you want the phone back – you refund me the shipment as well (additional 51$). And I will ship it ASAP.
51$ is the lowest possible shipping cost. When I sent you the email on Sep-5th I attached the shipment proof, and you can see the price there.
c. If you don’t want the phone back – this is of course your choice.
In that case, I am free to do anything with it, including reselling it, as a compensation for the trouble and mistreatment in this case.

If you want to discuss the solution, we may continue emailing, or you may also contact me over the phone.

Thanks in advance, "

Dec 20, 2016

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