Time Warner Cable Dallas / service installation

Dallas, TX, United States

We have cable was installed in January...they sent 5 installers to connect cable to our took three trips to first get cable to the townhouse, then everyone shows up to hook up two televisions and internet. They left...I had to fix every room and re-run the cables. They ran a plug from a closet to a bathroom and plugged it could not close the door. This was January. Now, let me tell you the July fiasco. My mother-in-law has been diagnosed with alzheimers. We moved her to assisted living in Irving. The facility has Time Warner cable for the clients. We simply needed to get hers connected and turned in on her room. We began 10 days ago. The day they scheduled to come, they did not show up. My wife made 8 phone calls and was hung up on and disconnected three times. The process of being on hold for literally 10-22 minutes each time and then going over phone number, address, pin number, and over it all again, was the most stupid and idiotic process every set up by a modern company. Finally, it was rescheduled for the next day...1-5 pm show up call, no showup by 4:40 pm on Saturday. She called again...same 10 minute wait, more stupid questions and erroneous information in the Time Warner system. Would someone with business sense take this company over and fix it. The profits would skyrocket and the customers would refer you to help grow the business. If not, I hope another provider appears in the market place will bankrupt Time Warner and it should. Ron Prince

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