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I don’t understand how time warner cable advertise of excellent service when is not specially in the north dallas area in texas. For the past months and I am talking about since day one when we got the internet and cable tv installed; it’s been nothing but frustration and bad service. Sometimes you let things go but, I am now really pissed and done with twc. Bad technicians with * excuses when they don’t feel like working. Recurrent problems with my cable tv. I have been missing my favorite shows. This morning I was really pissed when I turned on my tv to watch the news and all I was able to see was little squares and bad reception. My god will they ever do things right? Keep blaming it on my screen tv time warner. I guess all my neighbors have bad tv also. Don’t they? Why am I getting a poor image and audio? What a minute! The image is silent. Well done time warner cable. Well done. I am done and ready for the fios.

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  •   May 03, 2008

    Time Warner bundle service has been a nightmare for me since January 19, 2008. I haven't had all three services running since I started. I just found out that they tied the phone service into my renters AT&T service. I have had 7 house calls and have spent over 30 hours on their phone with them. Now they're putting the blame on their original contractors they hired. But I still don't have adequate service. This is my 4th day taking off of work for a service call. The supervisor was to be here at 8am. Sure

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  • Ro
      Aug 13, 2008

    I switched to TWC last Thursday and I still don't have phone or Internet service. They cut my previous carrier off and I have not had phone svc since last week. I keep getting long song and dances from Tech's, Managers, etc.., but no resolve to my situation. I am losing money, contacts, and key appointments becasue we take care of our Grandmother. Shoud I have to pay anything for this type of service and treatment.

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  •   Oct 06, 2008

    Since I was unable to contact the company via internet unless making a payment I was forced to sit on hold for 25 minutes and then told in addition since my husband was the primary on the account I was unable to discuss it with them unless I had his Drivers license #. I verified the CDL# except the last 2 digits I had mixed up. They are lucky I had it memorized as it was after 10 years of marraige. They refused to help me until I could verify the entire dl# in correct numerical order to review our service with them. I wanted a 2 day extension on a bill I was unable to pay. I had broken my arm and missed 3 weeks of work. I asked them to hold while I went through all our papers in our filing cabinet to find something with his DL on it. I was finally able to locate our insurance binder in our at home office. After now being on hold for 30 minutes and them talking to me for another 25 minutes while I searched vigorously for the last two digits of the DL# I finally found it. The agent then said she was unable to grant me the extension. Knowing the entire time my account was not qualified for an extension she waited for me to find that info just so she was able to tell me that it was not feasible. Which I gather she knew all along since she was looking at my account the whole time. I was livid and requested to speak to her manager and only then after 50 minutes on the phone with her she gave me the TWO day extension. What gets me is the fact that I had explained to her I had a broken arm and had missed work. I also explained my spouse was at work and had his CDL# with him. I also explained I had 3 kids trying to get ready for school and that it was only a 2 day extension. The fact that I was able to confirm the DL# at the beginning of the phone call but had the last 2 digits twisted she had refused to help me until I figured it out. I come from an insurance background and very few people have their own DL# memorized let alone their spouses, so that ticked me off, and that the service online for their consumers is payments only, no complaints, no payment arrangements, no changes can be made to the cable viewing package. Payments only, so God forbid you have to call them.

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  • Ar
      Dec 12, 2008

    Today I had a run into the MOST STUPID action of TIME WARNER ever, that they are plenty!!!

    I needed my account number to pay my bill. I was in the office and I could not get through the automated billing service without the account number. I acted like a civilized man who lives in a civilized culture and called Customer Service. The girl needed my account number to give me my account number. I explained to her how STUPID this is, and she said this is the regulations. I begged, pleaded, asked, yelled, and no way, she needed my account number to give me my account number. I asked if she understands modern-days' logic, and she said yes, but she needed my account number to give me my account number because it is the regulations. I told her that this in not National Lampoon and she can ask me any question, such as date of birth, address, or any other information, and she said that she needs my account number to give me my account number because it is the regulations. I tried telling her that in non-civilized cultures humans and close-to-humans would have mire brains than that, I need my account number so I can pay my bill. She said that she needs my account number to give me my account number because it is the regulations. I asked her how does TIME WARNER hire people? How do they make these regulations? If people need their account numbers they should get them. Customer service basics says so. She said that she needs my account number to give me my account number because it is the regulations. I asked her to take a break, walk around the block, smoke a cigarette (or a joint as it so happened with the guy who writes regulations for TIME WARNER), so she can relax, then it might dawn on her: If I had the account number there would be no need for me to ask for it. She said that she needs my account number to give me my account number because it is the regulations. I asked to speak t a supervisor, she said she needs the account number so I could speak to a supervisor. I asked if she would be kind enough to mail me the bill (my bills stopped coming in the mail). She said she needs the account number to start mailing me the bills. I said How would I know the account number if you are not mailing it to me. She said she needs my account number so she can verify why the bills are not coming to me. And finally she said she will talk to a supervisor. She put me on hold listening to ugly stupid ads about how WONDERFUL service is at TIME WARNER for a while. She came back, apologized for the wait, and said (Ready for this???) that she needs my account number to give me my account number because it is the regulations.

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  • Yo
      Feb 03, 2009

    Well you should have had all the info you needed when you called. They do that so noone besides the account holder and spouse (who SHOULD have this info) can access it.. ###

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  • Co
      Jan 09, 2010

    We got time warner cable a few monthes back and since then it has been truly HORRIBLE it is the worst company the T.V will not work and it cuts of dosent include all the channels we bought and is very static they really dont care about anything but themselves it relly is a bad company if you want bad cable thre just the company for you.

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  • Ca
      Mar 14, 2011

    The customer service rep tell us that the billing date on the bill isn't correct and the balance is due from last month. I showed the customer service rep I paid payments so how is this possible? I then ask so your telling me the billing dates on the bill what you are charging me for your saying that's not correct that the billing is being charged for a bill I already paid she said yes. I said so I am being charged for services I don't have she said yes I said can I get my bill fixed I am tired of having this problem every single month. She ignored us and said my computer shows you only contacted our company once in Nov and that has been it. I said miss I been contacting your company not on in Nov but months before that as well and all the time after that. She pretty much out right called us a liar. As soon as another company is available in our area we will most likely change. Time Warner does not respond nor fix their mistakes in a timely manner. They offer no service after business hours even if it was their fault. It is extremely difficult to get a response from them. We have not had a very good experience with this company and would not recommend them.

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  • Am
      Apr 11, 2013

    Yes freakin issue after another! Internet sucks and they did not get my apartment number right so I was cut off for days. I tried to get them to change my apartment number to the correct number and I was transferred from here to there. I was finally transferred to ...a flipping voice mail stating that it was passed normal business hours. Before that last transfer, the lady told me that I would have to go to a local branch and show them my drivers license. Really? I told her that it was THEIR mistake. Then she told me that I would have to go through this major process to get my apartment number changed. I could not believe that it was such an ordeal (and no solution yet) just to change one damn number. This is by far the worst internet company I have EVER dealt with!

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