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I should have trusted my instincts. I finally signed up for broadband internet access after years of using dialup. For the first day, it was great. Then, intermittent. Then, not working at all. The cable LED on the modem is not lighting up.

So I call. I'm told it will be 3 days until they can make a visit. They said they could come Monday between 3 and 6. I said I can't be home until 3:30. They said that's no good. So we have to do Tuesday, when I can be home by 3.

I tell them, after all this time, I finally subscribe to one of their new services. It proves faulty, and they won't come out and fix it? How the hell are they ever going to sell me digital cable or phone service? I get, "Well, I understand your problem."

Do they? Do they understand that I used to have slow, but WORKING internet access and now I don't? If this happened to my phone system, WHERE THEY HAVE COMPETITION, I'd tell them they'll find their trash on my lawn in three days when they finally come.

I don't have DSL available in my area, and they must know it. There's no other reason they'd treat brand new, pissed off customers with such disregard.

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  • Ma
      10th of Jun, 2008

    The service is unpredictable, the quality of service is poor and right now my phone is not working and at 3pm each day channels 2-9 blank out. The internet service is another headache. When I asked for a refund for days service was not available they offered me $4.95, this company is a joke - and they are robbing me blind. I think I'll try EMBARK.

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  • Va
      29th of Jun, 2008

    The biggest mistake I ever made was switching from AT&T to Time Warner for my phone and internet services. I already switched happily to Direct TV from Time Warner Cable. That's a completely different story! From day one I've had connectivity issues with my phone and internet service. Dropped calls, loss of internet connection, super slow bandwidth. I'm paying for 10 Mbps and I'm only getting 642 kbps at the moment. Some times it's so low that the request for the page times out and I cannot get anywhere for about 30 minutes to about 3 hours. At this same time, my phone service doesn't work.

    I call the worthless customer service and I get no where, they tell me to repeat the same old process of resetting the modem and router. And renew/release my ip address. Nothing helps. They tell me they're going to have to send out a tech to analyze the issue, because on their end I'm supposedly getting a good signal.

    So this last time, the tech replaced my modem/router with an older model that looked like it was about 4 years old and all messed up (cosmetically). Who knows where they've been, or how they've been treated. It took him 2 hours to try and get that useless router up and running. Then I find out he put an 802.11b that's not even compatible with 802.11g. Are you serious? This is a major worldwide corporation and they can't even give you brand new or at least updated equipment like AT&T does?

    FORGET downloads, streaming videos (that I need for online college courses), fast access to my banking info, and emergency access to 911 god forbid I need it. Thank goodness for my good old trusty cell phone.

    Furious by now, I called the billing department and demanded some sort of reimbursement for the lack of service I've been getting from them. I told them to look at my history and see how many times I've had someone out to my house to check for a problem and nothing gets done. The things is, is that they can see that my phone modem has been resetting constantly through out the day. And they tell me nothing is wrong? I got a crappy 'one time only' 10% credit for my total bill.

    Now, they threaten to disconnect my service because I've been 'making unnecessary calls to customer service about my service' To this moment, while I'm writing this report, my network monitor is showing that the internet is disconnecting and reconnecting.

    Like I mentioned before their cable service sucks, my DVR started making this horrible grinding sound (the hard drive). I lost everything. The replacement DVR with a dent in the top lasted only a few days before it started resetting itself when ever it wanted.

    How can this company be operating legally with so many people complaining about their service and business practices?

    Excuse my spelling, it's 1:14 in the morning.

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  • Me
      31st of Jul, 2008

    I have had terrible reception lately. I have sent two email, but no response. If you call, you have to plan to be on the phone for at least 1/2 hr. It appears that the cable band width is not large enough to handle all customer. I lose pictre evry ten minutes for about 30 seconds, you never can watch a show witht ouseveral interuptions.
    I may just drop the whole thing and go to sattelite, it can not be any worse

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  • Mg
      24th of Aug, 2008

    I left Time Warner Cable after years of being a loyal customer. Actually, dating back to "Rogers Cable". For those of you that remember.

    The complaints were endless. From unauthorized charges, service issues (and yes, you do lose service when it rains), poor customer service, etc.

    Needless to say, the best course of action I ever took was to cancel my service. Complaints are a waste of time. Best way to attract their attention is to transfer service to a competitor. It starts to eat away at their bottom line. Something any business does not like to experience.

    Remember, all cable companies have problems. Do your research first, read contractual agreement (some companies now offer contractual free service), don't believe what they tell you. What's important is what is on paper (contractual agreement).

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  • Bo
      3rd of Sep, 2008

    I too have had Time Warner Cable, Internet, and digital phone since last April. Out of all that time, my service has never worked for one full week. They have changed all my equipment several times, worked on my outside stuff serveral times, and still do not have reliable service. They treat me like a dummy every time I call. Have burned up countless minutes on my cell phone because I can call them on their digital phone service because when my cable is out and I want to call and complain, the phone doesn't work either. For the fourth time this week, I come home from work and nothing is working. Very frustrating. I am very technologically experienced and proficient on all aspects of cable and find myself telling them where the problem is and they want to continiously argue with me regarding my issues. When I am able to get a hold of them on rare occasion, I am treat very badly over the phone. Then they tell me they will have someone out to fix the problem in two weeks. What a joke. I am now giving up and getting ready to unhook everything and returning it. That;s another joke that they won't cancel my sewrvice until I return all th devises they brought me. Simply put, they are a rip off.

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  • Va
      19th of Sep, 2008

    I got activated with the National Guard and sent overseas and these ### ignored my call to cancel service - said they'd shut it off, but kept charging me. Illegal as per the Soldier & Sailor's Relief Act. Had to get a base lawyer involved, after NONE of their personnel were willing to help. They don't even provide contact information for their local office - got routed to a call center.

    Even after they admitted culpability, THEY STILL TRIED TO CHARGE ME AT A SLIGHTLY REDUCED AMOUNT. These dirtbags don't deserve your service - they sure didn't deserve mine. If there are any alternatives to Time Warner in your area, take them - couldn't be worse. If there aren't, get a library card. God bless.

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  • Ju
      10th of Oct, 2008

    Have been trying, unsuccessfully, to get a resolution to an interference with service issue for two days. Cannot get through so I'm guessing the entire city of Kansas City, MO is having the same issue. Will I get compensation on my not!

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  • In
      28th of Oct, 2009

    $4.95 is reasonable's 1/30th of your bill, how much you expect to get back?

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  • Ti
      9th of Jul, 2010

    My tale of woe began in May when I was preparing to move. I went online to check on how to schedule a move. I followed a link which asked for my address and new address and told me someone would call me in the next few days to schedule the transfer. Well moving day came and still no call from TWC. When I called them on my cell because I had no land line, I was told there was no such link. I told the person that there was such a link, and I would show him where it was if I had internet. He said that he could schedule me for Wednesday (2 days later), but there would be a 14.95 transfer charge. When I balked about the charge he said they would take it off. Soooo...Wednesday the scheduled time came and went. I waited an extra hour then called Time warner again. They informed me that they had to cancel the appoint and tried to call me ON MY LAND LINE which they had not yet connected. I gave the guy my cell number AGAIN and asked that he call me with another appointment time. Of course he didn't so I called them again and this time they said it would be Saturday, but they would have to call me back with the appointment time. Again they didn't call so my husband called and threatened to go elsewhere and finally got an appointment time. The technician came and was very courteous.
    I thought the nightmare was over until I got our first bill which was for 2 months. They credited me $20 for the week I was without service. But then they turned around and charged me $20 extra for partial month's service. When I called to try to straighten this out I got another robot who when I tried to tell her what the problem was kept telling me to not talk over her. Needless to say we are looking for a new TV/phone/internet company.

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  • Bo
      27th of Aug, 2010

    Time Warner is the WORST system I have ever had! If you wonder why there isn't more government control over them, realize that they are a major political contributor to both the Democrats and Republican party candidates. They gave HUGE contributions to both McCane and Obama in the presidential campaign and likewise HUGE contributions to both houses of the US Congress. They but their way and sell subscribers down the drain!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA- - - LAND OF CORRUPTION AND GREED!!!

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