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ive had time warner for 4 yrs now and ive always paid my bill the same time every month for the entire time ive had them.then I noticed on my bill the due date had I called a representative and she explained to me that as long as I paid by the 28th I would be I paid on the my usual e mail confirmation on the 27th that day.then I received a letter from time warner stating that I needed to pay 262$ by the I called talked to another representative and she told me to call again on the 13th so I would not get n interruption to my service.well all they did was give me an extension till the I called again on the 15th.talked to a representative and she told me I neede to pay the entire balance of 262$by the 20th or there will be interruption to service till I pay.i explained to her that I do not get paid till the 23rd.then she talked to a supervisor and she told me that if I paid 146$ by the 20th id be fine.again I told her I do not get paid till the 23rd and that's not out of frustration on my lunch break that day I went to the local time warner office.he put in notation my scenario and told my to talk to a supervisor to try to change the one more time I call and the representative ended up telling me that I needed to give them my credit card info to hold till I received my pay on the 23rd.i yelled at her and w a few explicatives said this is no way to treat a loyal customer of four years and hung up on her.then I maid my last call at 5:36 in the evening and spoke to another representative named Jason.he told me I needed to pay 146 by the 30th and id be hoping this is correct because I was told several different answers to the same problem.should have been taken care of by the first representative who explained to me that as long as paid by the 28th .I was fine
very displeased
Kenneth fiandaca

Aug 16, 2016
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  • Da
      Aug 30, 2016

    on August 27th cable went out on my daughters tv with digital adapter. On on the 29th I called to fix problem and after some time rep. decided it was the adapter. On the 30th I picked up new adapter and same problem continued. Rep. suggested picking up another adapter. I told him this was probably not the issue. He suggested sending out a tech guy, soonest they can get here is September 7th. This is my daughters TV in her downstairs apt. she has been sick for sometime and TV is a part of he day. This is crazy to me. If you have so many issues that tech guys need 8 days to get here. I really think we need to break up this monopoly. Its time for more cable companies. We have had several issues with cable over last year or so.Really fed up. Time to look at options. This is terrible service as far as i am concerned.

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