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Time Warner / complete and total screw-up!

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I have tried and tried and tried to get this straightened out, but no one seems to be able to do a thing so I am asking anyone for help. I will try to make this to the point as possible, but it is a long and drawn story; at the end of the day all I want is my old phone number as promised.

Phone Number: [protected]
Service provider: Time Warner is the old service provider
Issue: I want the phone number ported as promised

In March I started truing to have my phone number of [protected] ported over to a cell phone. I would have had the number transferred, but Time Warner told me it was not possible, but they said I could have the number ported to a cell phone and they would not disconnect the service until the port was complete because the port would cause an automatic disconnect. I called Verizon and put in a port order, now keep in mind I already have 3 phones with Verizon. A week later when I had heard nothing I called back and the person told me the port had not gone through, but they did not know where to contact me; HELLO! They had 3 valid in service phone numbers with Verizon in which to contact me. The person at Verizon said that the reason my port had not worked is because there verification did not go through; asking what was verified in the port I then went back to Time Warner to see what was wrong. At this point in the saga I find out that Time Warner has had my social wrong for 7 years! They have upgraded my service and taken my money for 7 years with me verifying the last wrong numbers on file and now that I am leaving and they need written proof brought in person to their office to change my social. Let me mention that t this point I have already spent at least 10 hours on the phone just trying to accomplish this, at least 9 hours of on hold; of the 9 hours on hold 8.5 were with Time Warner. I bust my gut to get the new social to them and I am again assured the number will not be disconnected until the port is complete because Time Warner knows they have caused me serious inconvenience. Well, needless to say Time Warner does not disconnect my Cable and Internet service when order, but for darn sure manages to disconnect the phone line when they told me they absolutely would not before the port was completed. I find out about two weeks later after racking up another 20 hours on the phone between companies, again 90% of it on hold with Time Warner that a very simple solution would have been to install a second phone line at my old residence to allow the port to go through, but now that the number is disconnected nothing can be done.

This starts the adventure of trying to figure who owns the number, which at this point an another 25 or so hours on the phone no one can tell me, but Sprint was happy to charge me a $125 deposit for the privilege looking to see if the number is owned by them and yes I do have the bill for you too see. If they can actually get me my number back I would happily pay double, but darn if I trust anyone to give me money back when they want it to just check to see if they might be able to help me. I am at my wits end; I would have even settled for a message directing callers to my new number, but Time Warner does not even offer that service

Secondary to the above Time Warner at least owes me for the week they charged me for my cable and internet and really should compensate me for all of my lost time due to their complete and total screw-up.

I can be reached at [protected] anytime; the e-mail is mth105 AT


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      25th of Jul, 2008
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    Don't worry I just bought 2 web-site

    I will have it up and running within the next couple days. My launch date for the whole site will be on Sept 25, 2008. I'm going to have a complete web-site for forums for members to make complaints and we will see if time warner cares at all, but I really think the don't care nothing about only making money. Its time to stop the monoply.

    Take Care,

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