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On 11/28/14 this year, I order three items from This order arrived a week later. I had ordered a tablet, speakers and a McAfee anti-virus program. The McAfee program was missing, although I had been charged $30 for it. The tablet was supposed to have a full rebate with it. No rebate form could be found at their website. I attempted to call them several times, but got the usual, "high call volume and we can't answer, send an e-mail." I sent two e-mails and after another week received a response that "we are checking with the carrier" to see about the McAfee! I can tell this is going to be a long, drawn-out affair with them. Tiger Direct literally has thousands of consumers complaints. I should have checked before. A few days after the order mentioned, I placed an order for another tablet and another McAfee for the rebates. They arrived about a week later. This time, TWO sets of McAfee arrived, although I only ordered one (and two were charged to my credit card). I have again tried to call them. I had also ordered a PNY 64K flash drive which was supposed to have a rebate for the full price. No rebate form on the Tiger Direct website. I am now trying to return several items. If you buy from them, you will find they will NOT let you return most things unless they are defective, and then not for a refund, only for an exchange. You do business with these thieves at your own risk. I have also filed a complaint with the Attorney General's office in Florida. If you've been scammed by these cretins, I suggest you do the same. At some point, this may result in a class action suit against them and some of the money they have wrongfully pocketed may be returned to the victims!

Dec 19, 2014
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  • Ma
      Mar 07, 2011 - I bought a refurbished i touch for $160.00 it lasted 3 months
    United States

    I bought a refurbished i touch for $160.00 it lasted 3 months. now I'm out $160.00 don't buy from tiger direct.

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  • Al
      Aug 25, 2011 - They are still sending me backorder emails, and it's been almost a year
    United States

    Placed an order... it got indefinitely backordered (phone support says they'll NEVER get another one of the item in question) so I canceled the order... they are STILL sending me backorder emails, and it's been almost a year.

    What a crappy site!

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  • Ti
      Sep 02, 2011

    Dear Customer, we deeply regret the inconvenience caused to you, plz send us your order no. to [protected] and we will take care of it. Regards, TigerDirect Customer Care.

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  • Ne
      Jan 03, 2013


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