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Awful company

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TicketNetwork Direct
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I'm an old pro at ticket-buying who buys tickets to sporting events all the time -- sometimes from TicketNetwork. TicketNetwork Direct is a secondary market ticket website, just like StubHub, TicketsNow, RazorGator, and literally hundreds of other websites online. Each ticket on the website is not owned or even priced by TicketNetwork but owned and priced by different people and organizations throughout the country. These people have the ability to price tickets at whatever value they want and this fact is mentioned PROMINENTLY in the TicketNetwork "Terms and Conditions" (obviously, the guy above didn't read them). Regardless, why complain to some poor call center rep at TicketNetwork about a $17 mark-up? And why should they send over a manager to tend to this guy's every need? TicketNetwork doesn't price the tickets and they're not the bad guys. So why scream at them? Scream at yourself for buying too hastily. It's not their fault that our friend here didn't look before he leapt. I deal with TicketNetwork all the time and they're always very nice and professional. It's just important that people know what they're getting into when they buy tickets off of resale tickets. 90% of the time you're going to have a mark-up on the ticket price, so don't be surprised. That's the nature of the business and always has been. If you don't want to pay the mark-up, either don't go to the game or get a nosebleed seat left over from Ticketmaster. Just make sure, unlike the person above, that you know what you're buying before you buy it. Word of the day: RESEARCH. Research and you'll find that TicketNetwork Direct prices are usually cheaper than other resale sites. I usually go to them and I have every intension of doing so in the future.
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N  9th of Jun, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Ticket Network Direct is simply the worst company to ever buy tickets from.

Customer support is terrible, prices are terrible, the entire company is dog doo.

If you buy tickets, look up the Box Office or a local broker... Dont buy tickets from Ticket Network unless you want to pay 100% more on handling, shipping, and tickets. The websites that link with Ticket Network, make sure to vet them well... If they dont hold tickets, dont buy from them.

Call real Ticket Brokers, leave Ticket Network to go out of business, these people are the worst in the business.
N  24th of Jul, 2010 by    0 Votes
The company has nothing to do with the prices. They simply offer a venue for people to buy and sell their tickets. I bought tickets to a local event for 60$, from the local website. On Ticket Network, people are trying to sell them for 4 and 5x the original price!! Now THATS what I call scalping! You would have to be stupid to buy tickets on that website.
N  14th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
Okay just want to know are the tickets from this website valid? Like where they actually real?
N  31st of Aug, 2010 by    +2 Votes
"Okay just want to know are the tickets from this website valid? Like where they actually real?"

To answer this, you need to know some things:

1. These companies usually don't sell the tickets.

2. These companies provide a website where buyers list tickets for sale at the price the buyer sets.

3. These companies provide a website where sellers can find the tickets for sale.

4. These companies charge what can be considered a hefty amount for you to find an already vastly overpriced ticket.

5. These companies have no clue if the ticket really exists, only the seller's word.

So, the ticket you buy through TicketNetwork may not even exist.

TicketNetwork (along with other "ticket scalper" websites ---- oooops, I mean "ticket brokers") was recently sued by the New Jersey AG for selling tickets that did not exist.

The court, in all its brilliance, found that there is nothing at all wrong with TicketNetwork selling things that do not exist, because TicketNetwork isn't claiming the ticket is real, a third-party seller is claiming that the ticket is real.

You are best not to do business with ticket reselling [censor]. Look on craigslist and meet in public to purchase your tickets. Check the website of the place where the event is being held.

I recently saw tickets offered on one of these [censor] resellers sites to a concert for $189. By going to the venue's website, there were plenty of seats remaining, and I could still buy up to 40 tickets at a time for $29 each.

NEVER use these ticket resller [censor]. They artificially drive up the price of tickets, and you do NOT know for sure if you will even end up getting your overpriced ticket.
N  10th of Nov, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I have just had my first run in with this unscrupulous company. The word company, is not a word I would use to describe them. I have never bought tickets on line before but due to time constraints I felt it would help. WRONG. I purchased 3 tickets for $427.38 and I was appalled at that price but due to the fact it was to spend time with our grandson, I made the purchase. I received a phone call about four hours later and in the conversation I learned that the tickets could actually be purchased for $45.00 each. I called to cancel the order and they only laughed. Well, my goal is to put them out of business. I have contacted the attorney general and I will be bringing a bill to the state legislature to put an end to scalping.
D  26th of Nov, 2010 by    -1 Votes
I am an employee from TicketNetwork responding to the commentary above about the prici ng issue with tickets.

To start with, we at TicketNetwork are simply a network through which licensed companies resell tickets to events. This means we don't actually own, price, nor ship the tickets you see listed for sale on our website. All that responsibility is in the hands of individual ticket sellers who list tickets through us. Typically, these sellers price tickets based on their perception of the event’s popularity. As a result, the prices of tickets sold through our website are usually either above or below their face value. This fact is mentioned (and bolded) in our Terms and Policies and also advertised above every ticket listing on our website.

Having said that, the basic purpose of the resale market is to keep tickets on the market longer than they'd normally be available. The added markup on the tickets is what prevents tickets from being bought up too quickly and thus what keeps them accessible even a few weeks before the event. So, basically, the seller from whom you purchased is charging a convenience fee for accessing the tickets. It's rather like how Macy's or Stop-in-Shop marks up product prices by making it more convenient for people to access other company's shoes and other company's milk. (Plus it's also true that ticket sellers can incur numerous expenses accessing popular event tickets, such as added delivery fees, service fees, fan club memberships, and even ticket mark-ups, if they purchase from another reseller, rather than from the venue directly.)

On that note, we at TicketNetwork certainly encourage consumers to be smart shoppers and to shop around for tickets before making a purchase. We have no problem with buyers first scouring venues and primary ticket agencies for tickets to event. The first stop for ticket purchases should always be the venue. We are all consumers ourselves and we certainly encourage every buyer to try and access the best deal available – regardless of provider.

Please nevertheless note that primary sources may not have very good seats available for sale or may otherwise not have any tickets available at all. We therefore encourage consumers to stop by our website (www.ticketnetwork.com) and check out the tickets that are being listed by the sellers on our exchange. “Sold-out” events are hardly ever really “sold out” and most people don’t have the time to plan event attendance months and months before the event itself.

It’s furthermore true that we at TicketNetwork aren’t able to cancel ticket orders once they are placed because 1) we don’t actually provide the orders (no one would resell through us if we could unilaterally cancel their orders and take back their money) and 2) the ticketing industry (primary and secondary) doesn’t allow order cancellations. An important point to remember is that tickets are time-sensitive items whose value likely falls over time and so sellers may not be able to resell tickets if they are returned (or may have to return them for less money – which represents a loss).

Once again, we’re sorry for people’s unhappiness with prices, but TicketNetwork does indeed advertise itself correctly as a resale website in which tickets are likely going to be above face value. Our goal is to give resellers (who are mostly everyday consumers) the freedom to resell event tickets and to give consumers the freedom to choose whether or not they want to buy those tickets. We’re therefore basically an EBay for tickets and view ourselves in that role as helping consumers by providing them with more ticketing options (both in terms of buying and selling) rather than less.
A  26th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
Hahaha, someone from TicketNetwork is on here trying to justify the insane prices that they allow scalpers to charge on their "network."

The problem is that places like TicketNetwork even exist. This ensures that "businesspeople" buy up tickets to popular events as soon they go on sale, ensuring a sellout. Then a large percent of tickets are offered for sale on such [censor] sites as TicketNetwork, creating an artificial sellout, and high demand.

Look how many tickets are available on the day of many events; if the demand was real, the tickets would have been sold.

Don't do business with TicketNetwork; they offer NOTHING of value for the consumer, and onl;y increase prices artificially by allowing greedy scalpers to manipulate the market.
D  28th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
ebay for tickets -- except on ebay people actually have the products to sell - on ticketnetwork - they can list all the events they want and not have the tickets, and only get the tickets if they need them -- how is that ethical ?
A  1st of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
I paid $110 each for 3 tickets (plus an "other expense" fee of $49.50 plus $15 shipping fee) to an event after being somehow what I now feel is hijacked to the Ticketnetwork website thinking that they were the actual ticket handler for the event. I recieved the tickets and they are face valued at $46 each (including the $4 facility fee). I went to the event site and found that the seat right next to mine (and all 40 around it) are available at $46 each. I found it odd that they could not tell me my seat # when I ordered them. It appears to me that they then purchased 3 tickets for me from the real event seller and then sold them to me. I do not believe that someone bought just the 3 seats (when all around mine are still for sale) and resold them at a huge markup to me. I think Ticketnetwork did the buying and selling which is not what they claim to do in all responses to complaints I read. The event is still 2 months away. I am still waiting for a most likely never to come return phone call from a message I left at Ticketnetwork. My message to them will most likely be ignored. I learned my online ticket buying lesson for sure.
A  22nd of Jan, 2011 by    +4 Votes
It looks true to me -This company appears to own a lot of copycat web sites and URL's that appear to be the "Official" web sites of the team or venue. Yes they have notice on their sites that tell you they are not however it does appear all customers read them. They also have a lot of clients mad or upset with them if you go to BBB.org or just google their name and the words Hate or Stinks Or Sucks. I would stay away from Ticket network and Ticket Lquidator
N  14th of Feb, 2011 by    +2 Votes
I learned my lessons too. I purchased two tickets AlterBridge concert in Utah for $250 from "The Tixx Man" via TicketNetwork.com but then I found another place (http://smithstix.com) that sells the same 2 tickets for $50 bucks... I did not read the non-refund policy of TicketNetwork.com so I was unable to refund to buy the ticket. I was a fool to fall into their trap :). I am not going to buy ticket from TicketNetwork.com and will buy tickets after doing more research.
A  9th of Mar, 2011 by    +4 Votes
Ticket Network is a scam, it is not a service provider. The scam lies in misrepresenting themselves as the venue or entertainment that the customer is looking to purchase tickets for. There is deception. They are con artists.

They are worse than scalpers. You know a scalper is trying to resell a ticket, and they represent only themselves. What Ticket Network is doing is dressing up like someone from the venue and asking if people are looking to buy a ticket. They are capitalizing on people's inherent trust of the venue or entertainer they are hoping to see.

When you query the event or venue on Google, you'll get a hit that makes it look like they are the official box office for that event. I made my selection based on that belief, and after that I assumed I was safe. I didn't think I needed to worry after that, so just followed the obvious links to get tickets. And they dress that website up real pretty to make it look like they are official.

Some of the earlier posters - obviously employees of Ticket Network - talked about doing your research, it's your own fault if you don't, blah blah ginger. I did my research, I know the theatre, you misrepresented your agency as that venue. That makes it a scam, and I don't know why there hasn't been any civil or criminal action taken againt Ticket Network.

The killer is that once you realize you've been scammed, you can't cancel the transaction, as all sales are final.

I will be taking this to our local media outlets, Craigslist, the media outlets where Ticket Network is based, the FBI, the local police both here and in Conneticut. Ticket Network is ostensibly located at 137 Bolton Road in Vernon, CN; but when you look at it on satellite through Google, it's just a small warehouse looking building on a dirt road in a rural area off a freeway.

I'm trying to find out some information on the principals of Ticket Network and will post their names when I can.

This is a scam. You've deliberately misrepresented yourselves as something else. You belong in jail.
A  9th of Mar, 2011 by    +3 Votes
A quick check of a local venue near me shows Riverdance tickets on Ticket Network for $207. The seats are still available online at the venue's website for $44.

This company is filth. Disgusting, overcharging filth. My they all get testicular cancer.
D  26th of Mar, 2011 by    -3 Votes
Companies like this provide a service - they give people with tickets an avenue to sell their tickets (at prices determined by the seller), and they give buyers a place to go to find tickets. They make their money by taking a cut - a service charge. No, I'm not affiliated with this company or any other ticket company, just stumbled on this site doing some research on the company because it came up while searching for Wicked tickets. "Research" there's a word some of you might want to look into. If you spent $110 for tickets you could have easily bought for $40 - well, maybe you won't do that again. If you buy early on these sights, the ticket owners probably have their prices set high, as the date approaches, the price probably comes down, but then they sell faster. So you are faced with the universal ticket buying quandry - should I buy now at a higher price to ensure I have tickets, or take a chance and wait for lower price. Buying tickets for a popular event always s*cks, so just decide what you are willing to pay (what's it worth to you to actually have the tickets vs. hoping for tickets and spending hours checking for lower prices), and buy the tickets. Once you buy, don't look at prices again (just like buying a computer or TV).
A  31st of Mar, 2011 by    +1 Votes
Steve84 is likely an employee of TicketNetwork, or someone who's in the same business. And he's doing exactly what TicketNetwork does on their ticket scams: performing sleight of hand.

The issue isn't whether or not the tickets are expensive. They're obscene, but you're scalpers. The issue is that you mislead people into believing you are the official vendors by registering their domain names as your own and puffing up the website to look official, with a couple of innocuous banners that say "this is a ticket re-selling site".

You trick people out of their money, and overcharge them in the process.

I've seen complaints all over the Internet about TicketNetwork, and anytime there's a board, there's usually somebody from TicketNetwork or similar, trying to make it look like it's the victim's fault. Please save your condescending patter.

You're crooks. You belong in jail.
A  4th of Apr, 2011 by    +2 Votes
Ticket Network Direct Objects To BBB’s Negative Rating
Agency cites 120 complaints over three years

By Sean O’Leary



The Connecticut Better Business Bureau has given Vernon-based Ticket Network Direct an unsatisfactory rating, while the company claims that the consumer protection agency has been out of line.

On Sept. 30, the BBB issued a press release that warned consumers about the business practices of two online ticket brokers — Ticket Network Direct and Las Vegas-based Event Tickets LLC.

In the release, the agency said it had processed more than 120 complaints about Ticket Network Direct during the past three years, including 63 in the past 12 months.

In particular, the BBB cited Ticket Network Direct’s advertising claims that it offers the “cheapest” prices that are “lower” than the competition, statements that the BBB concluded were inaccurate.

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal confirmed that his office is investigating the claims against Ticket Network Direct.

Ticket Network Direct operates Web sites that ticket brokers use to sell tickets, and it buys tickets from venues that it later sells to ticket buyers.

Ticket Network Direct president and CEO Donald Vaccaro said he was “absolutely shocked” by the press release, which he said unfairly targeted his company.

“It’s a failure to recognize how significant our business is, ” Vaccaro said. “We processed three million orders last year. It’s going to end up being less than 100 complaints filed against us, which means our customer satisfaction is at 99.999 percent. It’s a hugely insignificant number.”

Vaccaro was also upset that the BBB made public its concerns with Ticket Network Direct while overlooking the practices of other online ticket companies. He cited records showing that StubHub received 469 complaints and TicketMaster had 656 complaints during the same three-year window that Ticket Network Direct had 120 complaints.

‘Industry Norm’
“Our number of complaints is actually less than the industry norm, ” Vaccaro added. “There was a false accusation that customers did not receive their tickets, and that is just not true. It was irresponsible and showed a lack of oversight on the BBB’s part.”

The Sept. 30 press release has since been removed from the BBB’s Web site, but agency officials maintained that the facts within the release were still accurate. They said the press release was removed to give Ticket Network Direct time to address the complaints.

Howard Schwartz, communications director for the BBB, said that none of the information in the original release had been rescinded.

But Vaccaro said that many of the complaints filed against his company were supposed to be filed against other online ticket brokers, meaning that Ticket Network Direct piled up complaints that were not theirs.

Schwartz said the company never informed the BBB that any of the complaints were directed at another company. “The reliability report remains active on our Web site, and consumers should read the fine print before making any purchases, ” he said.

Connecticut BBB president Paulette Hotton Scarpetti said, in a statement, that the BBB will “review and verify” Ticket Network Direct’s claims about incorrect complaints and added that it would be a “lengthy process.”

No Longer Accredited
“It is the responsibility of the BBB to inform customers of complaint patterns and work with companies so that they can attain and maintain standards of ethical business practice so that consumers can make wise buying decisions based on facts and not emotions.” Scarpetti said.

According to the BBB, the decision to remove the press release from the Web site was intended to give Ticket Network Direct an opportunity to settle the unresolved complaints that are the basis for the company’s unsatisfactory rating.

The reliability report on Ticket Network Direct remains online. The report still lists the more than 120 complaints, though it mentions that the company believes some do not belong there.

The BBB’s Web site also reveals that Ticket Network Direct is no longer accredited, as of Oct. 2. “We sent a letter on July 31 that informed the BBB we were resigning from its online program, ” Vaccaro said. “It seems ironic that something like this would come out after we sent that letter.”

Vaccaro also criticized the BBB for poor communication because he said that he spoke with BBB sales representatives who did not relay information to BBB compliance officers.

“There seems to be a [fire]wall between sales and complaints, ” he said.
D  9th of May, 2011 by    -4 Votes
You are a total psycho. Maybe your girlfriend should have researched her ticket before getting it. It's easy going to the website, maybe not cheaper.
A  20th of May, 2011 by     Best Advice +5 Votes
I was about to buy tickets from Ticket Network Direct ... I decided to Google the website as most WebPages are fraudulent... I want to thank everyone whom posted because of your post I saved $500.00 I will wait till Ticketmaster starts selling them... Ticket Network you just lost a customer….and we all know how that works…word of mouth goes a long way … I will copy this link and e-mail it to all my friends….
N  25th of May, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I wish I had read about this before I bought a ticket from them. I have now joined the legions of unhappy customers after losing $188. Thank you Ticketnetwork and TicketsPlus.
D  31st of May, 2011 by    -2 Votes
Most people don't read They do things on a compulsive level and then try to rectify it by blaming some one else for their mistakes We as Tickenettwork employees are trained to explain not once but numerous times through out the transaction that the tickets are above face value we don't force consumers in to purchasing tickets we tell them that the venue and Ticketmaster are primary sources of ticket purchase and for ticket network buy up all the tickets isn't true either the broker get to purchase less then a 1/3 of all tickets being sold and they pay face value .. when you purchase a pair of shoes how much do you think the merchant paid for those shoes not what you are paying most things like clothing and shoe come from 3rd world countries where kids make 10 cents and have to buy a bowl of rice for the dime. So as consumers this is an OK practice at least Ticketnetwork isn't don thing like this Its a great place to work they are great to their employees and pay taxes to their communities and make charitable donations and also provide much need jobs so that CT can becoming a thriving state again

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