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TheWheelConnection.com / Do not order from TheWheelConnection.com - they are terrible!

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I totally agree that they are a bad business to deal with. I ordered wheel from them on December 21, 2006. As of today, January 12, 2007. I have not received them. It is very difficult to get them on the phone. When I do they only have excuses. I had to do over again I would order from another company. I will update my comments when "and if" I receive my wheels. Again, do not order from TheWheelConnection.com. I beg you!!! THEY ARE TERRIBLE.


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A  14th of Mar, 2007 by 
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They are rude!!! They never handle anything correctly!!! And not only did we wait for the wheels when we finally got them they were missing the black inserts.. They never answer the phone they just put you on hold and never come back.. Matt is a lier!!! And the rest have no clue about business... dont order for the wheel connection.com.. they are a nightmare!
A  14th of Mar, 2007 by 
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Thewheelconnection is the worst place of business EVER. If i didnt live so far away i would go there and beat the piss out of all the ### that work there. You order things, and never get them... Then if you do, its missing pieces, or broken, or the wrong item!!!! They never answer the phone, and when they do, you get put on hold forever, until you get disconnected. What a bunch of ###. They better hope i never take a vacation out that way!!!
A  22nd of Jun, 2007 by 
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I ###ing hate the wheel connection, seriously i regret ordering from them. Its been 3 weeks now and i still didn't receive my rims or even a tracking number. They keep putting me on hold or never pick up. If they don't send me my rims I am ###ing driving down to tulsa and ### the ### out of them. They are rude and all of them are a bunch of ### that got one lie after another. STAY AWAY FORM THEWHEELCONNECTION. If i ever get my wheels and they are not the correct one Iam goin to ###ing punch their head into the ground. They get me soo madd.
A  9th of Aug, 2007 by 
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I am now going on a month with no rim which i have ordered from THE WHEEL CONNECTION.COM. Everyone here is exactly right, they are currently doing the same thing to me as they did with Mike. First two weeks they told me that I haven't even paid for my rim but is clearly gone from my bank. About four weeks later after calling a billion times I am told that they don't even have the rim!!! Awful business, with worst employees... IF THERE ARE ANYMORE THAN THE ONE GUY I TALKED TO WHEN I CALLED BOTH LINES. Right now i am in the process of trying to get my money refunded and I don't know if that will even happen. They have to be breaking some kind of law here. False advertising, and thief ( of my money and time). A good business would know before someone ordered if they actually had the damn thing and if not could have called (with info given to them) and let me know what was happening. I wish I could have found this site before theirs. ITS PLAIN ROBBERY!!! I would also like to drive their heads into the ground. If anyone has any info on how to do something about this let me know pls.
A  9th of Aug, 2007 by 
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A  19th of Sep, 2007 by 
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The Wheel Connection made fraudulent charges using the information I gave them when ordering wheels. Don't trust this company with your credit or bank card information!!!!!!!!!!!
A  7th of Dec, 2007 by 
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I could not agree any more than all of you people, I am still in the process of completing my order which started about almost two months ago, and they got NOTHING but BS EXCUSES for not delivering my rims, I wish I knew about this before I made the purchase... The wheel connection is a VERY unreliable business with terrible customer service and incompetent unprofessional staff .."Nick is thee most lying M#$% F$%^ who is full of S*#&$"... Anyone who intends to do business with them, DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT... I intend to SUE this company for their B S services?!!
A  27th of Aug, 2008 by 
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I'm having the same problems. No merchandise, No return phone calls.
Fortunately I used an Amercian Exspress CC, and they have launched an internal investigation on my behalf. Amercian Exspress has also withdrawn payment to the wheel connection.

I honestly believe that this is not a legitimate wheel and tire business, but merely a scam front set up with a detailed web site, a few phone numbers, and some low lifes answering the phones.
I have signed a complaint thru the BBB, and may look into the attorney generals office of Oklahoma for further action.
A  28th of May, 2009 by 
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After ordering a rim from this company we received an email confirmation w/ invoice number and were told our order had been SHIPPED. When I called for tracking number for delivery, I was informed that they don't even carry this rim as they advertise. I'm still
trying to get refunded almost a month later. I, like some of you have reported them to the BBB and have my banking institution investigating as well. I had an account manager tell me "I could NOT keep calling the company since a refund was issued"!!! WE STILL HAVE NOT BEEN REFUNDED! Furthermore, they debited $374.00 from our account, but only want to refund $329.00. No shipping charges should apply; nothing was ever sent. Do restocking fees apply to items no longer carried??? I have repeatedly asked for documentation/verification of credit w/ company, amount, date, etc. to be faxed, emailed, or mailed. I was told "We handle over 500 calls a day, so I can't take the time to print out anything to send to you" by a different account manager. How's that for customer service?!?!? All I can say is I hope others will read these before ordering from this company that has no quality assurance in place. I wish I would have!!!
A  13th of Jul, 2009 by 
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everything said is true...they are a bunch of frauds who display rims and tires that are not even in stock...i ordered a set of rims from this company and was told that these particular rims are not in stock when they already received payment...whenever you call they put you on hold...i wish if i had read they other persons complaints before i make the purchase ...so please dont order from this company...there bad for business
D  7th of Mar, 2011 by 
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I wanted to take the time to let everyone know of my great experience with www.thewheelconnection.com. When I called and ordered my wheels two weeks ago, I mentioned all of the bad reviews I read about the company. The man on the phone, Derek, told me that he works for "deals on wheels" owned by a company names Parker Products LLC. He told me this company purchased thewheelconnection.com websited about 5 months ago and that the reviews from years past are irrelevant to the company in charge now. I ordered my wheel/tire package and received them in less than two weeks. The company gave me my tracking information in a timely fashion and was always available via the phone to answer any questions I had. I wanted to write a good review for these guys because I have seen a lot of negativity on the web about them. I understand that most people who take the time to write reviews unfortunately have had negative experiences...but I highly recommend these guys. New ownership/management and great produts/shipping time.

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