Thecompanystore.commajor rip off

When signing up for their credit card which I got, the rep pressured me into trying identity alert. He was extremely persistent. I should have hung up on him, but I was trying to be polite. Well, polite is not what they try to be to you.

I gave in because in my day we were not taught to hang up on people.

I accepted because of his pressure knowing I would cancel on time within 30 days.

I did call before the 30 days was up and I called the correct phone # and canceled, but I was still charged 12.99 for a month. I called back and they told me there were 2 services: identity alert and something else I was totally unaware of & when I canceled the one alert it apparently doesn't cancel the other - if that is true at all. Hard to tell talking to a rep with a bad accent reading a script very fast and slurring words together.

This guy was nearly inmpossible to understand. What a scam.

I thought it was resolved until today when I got a new bill for $12.99. I called company store and after a very, very long phone tree to go through before I could get a rep. She couldn't cancel the service because it was the company store credit card & not the alert service. So I closed my credit card with them. I called the other # and that rep gave me a round and round load of bs. I did get refunded for may but the new charge was for the month before he said! I had called within the 30 days. I was not late. This is a scam! And I believe it may be primarily targeted at hispanics fearful of identity theft, because the prompts are a recorded voice that is hispanic.

Company store used to be a respected store n my mind, but there is too much sneaky, shady and dishonest about them now. Also while I was on hold to dispute the charge, a recording came on to try to sell me a piece of silver jewelry — sight unseen.

This is so unprincipled and like a shady street vendor in the streets of rome.

Beware of the company store and company

Don't accept their identity protection to be polite to the rep who reads his sales pitch to you. They aren't concerned about your well-being.

This is a sneaky, nasty scam. The fraud and theft comes from them, not some boogey man they try to scare you with. They are the thieves.


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