The UPS Store, Macon, GA-Northside Drive / franchise owner

Macon, GA, United States

I had 9 boxes to ship back. I have had bad experiences in this store with this man being very bossy. I was initially waited on by one of his young workers. He came over and overtook his help so he could control the situation. He always makes an issue of having tape cover 100% of the label and no brown wrapping or there is an extra $15 fee. (What?!) Today, he didn't like they way I was wrapping the tape and picked it to death claiming it would get stuck in the machine. Initially, I told him I accidentally left a roll of brown paper in his store the last time I was there ( last week) and asked if he had seen it or know where it was. he replied ‘"I have no idea." OK, I get it, he's not concerned. As I finished wrapping my boxes, he kept saying "next" as if I was his worker and expecting me to place the box on top of the scale. I told him I was the customer and that is what I came in here expecting a service from him. He didn't like that and claimed he couldn't reach it. He definitely could or could have politely asked if I minded assisting him. He was a real loser. The conversation escalated in volume and I told him to just help me get out of here. I asked for his supervisor and he said he was the owner and didn't have one. I just want to save other people humiliation and contempt from this un-appreciative, excuse for a business owner. There is no way I would ever go back in that store. The only reason I was there was to return items that had pre-paid shipping labels for UPS. Believe me, I will use USPS or Fed-X permanently. His license should be revoked. I feel very sorry for his employees and hope they can find employment elsewhere so they are not beat down by this person.

Oct 23, 2018

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