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1 P.O. BOX 161194 Sacramento, ca 95816Sacramento, CA, United States

Very Breifly, I purchased a card from someone walking into my office for a golf package. Sounded great! I went to use the card and the golf course wouldn't except the card. Not only did I not get to use the card I spent and exta $75 to pay for the round of golf I should have reccieved for free. I called and the customer service was understanding at first and agreed to send out another card for a different location in my area. The sent me another card for the same golf course who doesnt except them. I sat it aside knowing I've already wasted too much time on the matter. A few months latter I came accross the card once again in a pile of papers and decided to give them a call once again. This time the customer service was extremely rude and truned it around on me for waiting so long to call back. We were disconnected or so i thought before I was given any answer. I called back and got a hold of some ditsy sounding gal who sounded like she didn't even know where she was working. After a few questions yup you guessed it another disconnect, which is now obvious a hang up to avoid dealing with anyone. This is obviously Smart Circle's policy when it comes to any kind of confrontation. Just Hang up on the customer and hope they just go away. Well I hope that their business methods catch up with them and they go under sooner than later.


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