The Salvation Army USAservice

R Nov 22, 2017

The salvation army in Greenwood Mississippi social services representative needs a new representative. I went there for emergency assistance because I have 5 children and I'm just starting a new job. Yes I called as a last minute resort because I thought CMI was going to be able to assist me since I dont come all the time but they were out of funds. My lights are due for disconnect tomorrow and she was rude telling me she didnt have to see me, constantly staring at me asking me what do u need me to do. Whenever I ask a question she blank stares roles her eyes and tell me I'm making her job hard. So I left and I'm currently in search of another church to assist. I just feel like there should be a more compassionate person working here. My bill was pass due 707 I only asked for the 75 and that was to much to ask. The site is 45 minutes from me and I had to gather the information she told me I needed and get there. I am strapping to get to work to take care of my children. I'm not the type of person who needs help all the tome and I don't think that was fair.

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