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O Fallon, Missouri, United States

Thank you for taking the time out to response to my request.

I'm a surviving victim of domestic violence. Im currently residing at the Salvation Army in O'Fallon, MO.

We have attempted to report many issues reguarding this shelter and no one will listen. Im not sure if the other shelters has the same issues because I was told since Im already in one they couldn't help me find another available shelter.

We are constantly being mentally abused and was told we dont have no where to go, therefore have no right to complain. Stated by head staff, Juanita Nelson.

They have had at least 10-15 ppl come in and gone by morning, since I arrived. They suppose to help find housing but they create issues and never get to correcting the reason why you are here.

When we tried to talk to the person over her, she stated, "they gotta get through me first." When grievances are written, she handles them instead.

All issues start and stop with Ms. Juanita Nelson, Shelter Manager. She yells and talks down to women. She has never made a positive statement towards or about anyone during my stay here.

We have a handbook and when issues are addressed or try to be addressed, she states, "this is her shelter!"

We are given old, molded, and outdated food and told, "you get what we give you. No special food request for anyone without a doctors note." Also we were told the FDA approved the food they give us. But we're just asking for freshness.

Actaully, I have not eaten dinner for the last 4 days because when I get in from work I have to take a breathalyzer, do my chore, take my night pill, and eat. But they write you up when you arent up at 6am. Even if you get if from work after 10pm at night. If you dont complete your chore you get written up and 3 write-ups and you're out. So I had to cut eating out just to get my chore done which takes and additional 30 mins before you can lay down. Leaving you with maybe 6 hrs or less to sleep every night.

When case plans are discussed they are suppose to be confidential but they do it with door open in front office and loudly and everyone knows everybody business. And they laugh and joke with each other about it in the front office like no one can hear them. But again, everyone is afraid to speak out because they will get put out with no where to go.

There's plenty more issues to name. Can you please advise us who and where we can go to report these issues? We are ready to talk answer ANY questions or concerns you may have. We do not want to be kicked out of the shelter because we are currently trying to put our lives back together.

I can answer questions at anytime, via phone, text, email, or in-person.

Please help us.

Thank you for your time,
"I wish to remain anonymous at this time"
Shauntrice D. Davis
Salvation Army Resident

Oct 22, 2018

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