The Salvation Army USApick up

Went on line to schedule a pick up for a large number of items that "I" felt could have been resold and benefit those in need.

After waiting almost a week for the pick up, the driver informs me that they do not take baby furniture which was a complete set of everything you could imagine, it was for my FIRST grandchild. then they didn't even look at the rest of the items because it was to much to go through. All they seemed to be interested in was a washer and dryer.

There were kitchen chairs, three lighted and glass shelve wall units, camping equipment. Bags of men's clothing.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Miami, FL(at least two dozen white shorts, a number of brand name suits, ties) all of which I thought someone could use to wear to a JOB interview or something... and a number of other things that really could have been sold.
But I guess being in south Florida where is gets hot and humid it would be too much to ask someone to do a little work. Heck, I am in my sixties and I would have loaded it myself if they had asked, but it was too easy to just say can not do it and roll on down the street. Maybe they warehouses and store are overstocked and they don;t need any more assistance. As it will be the last time I reach out to them.
And what a shame, I always thought highly of what they do, NO MORE Red Kettle offerings from me this year.

May 09, 2017

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