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I have been struggling since 2014 when I developed chronic back pain to support my family without much luck because I have no support to help me. Because of my inability to work I lost custody of my 3 children to their abusive father who also abused me for 12 years which caused the disability I have now. I gave birth to my 4th son on March 21, 2018 5 weeks early. I was raped so the father of my son is not in our lives so I was pretty lost on how I was going to take care of him. I had a really tough pregnancy and almost died during labor. While I was still in the hospital after giving birth I came across your Pathway for Hope program which said it helped people like me get off their feet and become self-sufficient which is exactly what I need. I'm not one of these people who are just looking for a handout and want to live on welfare their entire lives, I was the first person in my family ti graduate from college and did it with a 3.9/4.0 GPA and worked for 8yrs as a Financial Analyst making $26/hr. However I never thought I would have to deal with physical problems at only 32yrs old and was not prepared for it. I finally escaped my abusive relationship thinking I could find help but found out the hard way that without friends or family its almost impossible. My ex had kept me isolated from everyone during our 12 year relationship. So imagine my excitement when I saw the advertisement for your program that said they would help so I called and made an appointment before even leaving the hospital after giving birth. My 1st appt was shortly after being released from the hospital on 3-23-18. I went to your office and filled out a bunch of paperwork and was told that they could help me. At that time I didn't have a vehicle to get anywhere but still made it there. My son was still in the NICU unit at the hospital when I signed up. She had said she could help me with my rent payment at tge next appt. When the next appt came around my ride didn't show up so called up to the office and told them the situation and that I could try walking up there with my newborn baby but it would take me about a half hour to get there. They said that was too late and that I would need to reschedule and they wouldn't be able to help me with rent until after the appointment which I couldn't get for almost another 2 weeks, on April 24, 2018. I asked them if they could help me with transportation to get to my appointments and she said no. So on April 24, 2018 I walked almost 2 miles to the office with my 1 month old premature baby to make it to my appt. At that meeting I did more paperwork and she gave me 2 goals, to talk to legal aide about getting my 13yr old felony expunged and look for a job. When I left the office she had said to schedule an appt for in 2 weeks but when I went to the front desk the Secretary said she didn't have anything available until June 2nd but if there was a cancellation she would call me. Well on May 14th I emailed Angela and told her I was able to buy a van with my tax refund check but it needed some repairs. She told me that they could help with that but that I had missed my appt so I would have to come in for an appt first. Her secretary had put me in the calendar for May 4th without telling me, only a week after our last appt so I scheduled another appt for June 4th and was supposed to get help with the vehicle repairs then. In the meantime I completed both the goals she gave me, found out I wasn't eligible for expungment and was hired for a job wjere I started working this past Saturday, making the repairs even more important. They also scheduled me to work on Monday which was when we were scheduled to meet. I emailed her as soon as I found out on Sunday that I was able to find a job and that I had to work. I offered to come in before or after work or do it by phone because I really needed to get my car fixed as the brakes were really bad and it was overheating a lot. She emailed me back stating that I needed to get a copy of my license, registration, insurance and 2 estimates to get the repairs done which I emailed to her but then was told that she wasn't going ti provide any help until I attended 2 more appointments even though I told her that the auto mechanic said my car was very unsafe to be driving and that I definitely shouldn't be driving with my 2 month old son. So now I have to risk mine and my son's life because she changed her mind about helping us even though I managed to meet both her goals in record time. I really need this help and I worked really hard to do everything I was asked to do to get the help. The woman I'm working with is Angela Emerson at the Saginaw, MI Salvation Army. I also have emails to back up everything I'm saying.

Jun 07, 2018

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