The Salvation Army USA / managers lack of professionalism

On the day of March 25, 2017 at approximately 8:00pm I entered the Salvation Army with my family to look around for the 50% off sale. We have been customers of the Salvation Army for several years and have never had such a negative, disrespectful, and outright wrong experience. I am a person who has worked in the Customer Service field my entire life and can understand how difficult customers may be, however that does not give any person the right to treat other people the way my family was treated.

I was standing in line with my mother, waiting to be checked out and the cashier stepped away for a moment to help another customer. My mother and I patiently waited for her to return, however upon returning it was 9 o'clock, which is when the store was closing. The items that we were going to purchase were laid out neatly to make the process go quicker. The cashier (Carolyn) kindly stated that she was not sure whether or not she was going to be able to assist us due to the fact that the store had been closed. She stated that she would ask the manager anyways because we had been waiting in line ready to check out already, and had our items ready to go. Initially the manager (Deidra) stated that it was OK for her to help us, but as she approached us and got closer she saw the amount of items that we had and immediately changed her demeanor. She began to loudly say “ Get out, I'm not going to help you”, and continued to say that it would take 20 or more minutes for her to help us because we had so many items. At this moment her employees Daniel and Carolyn looked extremely embarrassed by the way their manager was acting and speaking to a customer. Deidra the manager continued to rudely kick us out of the store, she grabbed my personal bag that I had already paid with and was walking towards the door with it without my permission. She continued to with the offensive behavior, and continued as we walked out the door. She continued to say that we were "lucky that she didn't shut all the lights off the store". While we exited the store she continued to make rude comments and talked down to my mother as if she was stupid. My mother kindly asked if she would be able to hold the items for the next business so she can return and purchase them. She then stated that she would instead ring the items up herself for my mother. My mother went with the manager Deidra to purchase the items while I waited outside. I timed the transaction and it took appropriately 3 minutes, and not the 20 minutes that she had said it would take.

This whole experience was so unprofessional, disappointing, and unnecessary. My biggest frustration with this experience was that she could have kindly asked us to leave, or explain that it was a company policy and we would have understood. I would like to say thank you to Carolyn and Daniel for providing exceptional customer service and for their kindness during the entire experience. I am so sorry that they have to deal with such a rude manager. It really makes me question how they as employees are treated, if managers treat customers so poorly. I will never return to this store and will make sure that people are aware of the type of person this business has a manager and the HUGE lack of disrespect and professionalism.

Mar 26, 2017

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