The Roomstore Couch / I hate The Roomstore!

AZ, United States

I purchased a 5 year warranty for a couch I purchased at the Roomstore. I called to file a claim for a stain on my couch. I did not know what the stain was and they denied my claim because I did not know where it came from. There is nothing in the warranty paperwork that says the claim has to be known.

I called weeks later in order to file stains on my couch from a party we had on the weekend and they denied my claim again due to "build up". They told me that I can dispute the claim by sending an email. I sent an email and no response.

I called again and they told me to send a picture of the stains on the couch, so they can verify that it's not a build up. I sent a picture and the claim still got denied.

I've talked to 3 representatives and they were rude and very hesitant to help. Representative, Blanca, said that the claims all have to be researched since they can be fraud "just like all other insurance companies." I said that insurance companies come out to look at the damages before they can say that it's fraud which the Roomstore did not do.

I asked for a refund for the warranty and they said they could not refund it. I am highly disappointed, and their rudeness is enough to give you a headache for an entire day. I am a very unhappy customer, and I have been telling people not to go to the Roomstore to buy anything whatsoever.

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