The Net-A-Porter Groupincompetence of a customer services manager

A Oct 17, 2018

After happily shopping for more than 10 years on Net a Porter website today I have been hugely disappointed with a customer service provided by one of the managers called Renata.
Something which could have been dealt with a little bit of friendly and happy attitude I have been faced with monolithic, almost robotically answers., she showed no signs of being helpful. The question is what is the point of a customer care where the manager doesn't seem to understand the meaning of it!!
I have simply tried to exchange the same make and model of jeans but for a different size in a different colour as my original colour jeans has sold out. I wouldn't have mind to buy separately the other jeans but I bought the original ones with 15%discoint which was no longer available.
After a lengthy conversation with Renata who wasn't willing to help in any way, I have realised perhaps Net a Porter company have plenty of customers and they are happy to loose some rather than provide more professional and helpful customer care . So on this note I feel I better shop on a different fashion website rather waiste my time and energy . I am returning my original purchase and as soon as I get my refund I shall stop my account and I shall not be using your website any longer .
Kindest regards
Mrs A.Vassileiou

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