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G Oct 27, 2018

I've been getting the San Jose Mercury News for over 50 years and have accepted most print changes throughout the years. But recently you guys have eliminated the date on the top of every page. If you want to save an article and set it aside then look at it at a later date you don't know what date the article was written unless you take the time and effort to write the date on the article. All you guys care about is plastering THE BAY AREA NEWS GROUP all over the paper until your customers are so sick of it and they want to end their subscription all together. We are paying close to $500.00 a year only to have you guys smear your paper with your propaganda. In my opinion you could smear your name and still put the dam date on each page so people can relate the article to the date and time of the event. Please don't be so selfish and include the dates.

Sincerely, long time customer

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