The Kraft Heinz Company / mio orange tangerine

Cedar Rapids, IA, United States

On 7/6/2018 I purchase 6 bottles of the subject flavoring. I've been purchasing this flavor for quite some time and have never had an issue other than my store being out of it from time to time. I opened my first bottle and noted the flavor was definitely off and tasted more like a recipe from a competitor that I have previously tried. Certainly not the flavor I expected. I tossed that bottle and opened another, with the same result. Knowing I still had a couple bottles remaining from a previous purchase, I looked for identifying information to help me tell the difference. The stamped info on the 2 bad bottles and I'm assuming the other unopened 4 bottles is:
XAW 8159
11 1 14:11

The bottles were purchased at HyVee grocers, 1843 Johnson Ave. NW, Cedar Rapids, IA.

Please advise.

Jul 14, 2018

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